WGC Station Adoption Group

The Society is happy to support the new WGC Station Adoption Group. Their leader, Lynda Cowan, describes the group and it’s aims below:

WGC Station Adoption

The “Adopt a Station“scheme is a voluntary scheme which started in 2003. “It enables individuals or groups to adopt their local railway station and contribute to its use and welfare.”

Locally Hitchin and Enfield Chase Railway Stations have been adopted by Hitchin Rotary Club and The Enfield Society respectively to plant up and maintain flowers. Also Alexandra Palace Station has a very active group called the Friends of Ally Pally Station see http://www.friendsofallypallystation.co.uk/about/4592373257

The Welwyn Garden City Station Adoption Scheme has been set up to undertake the work to improve the station and has been supported to get off the ground by the WGC Society.

The flower beds on WGC Station, contain large shrubs and hedges which have become unruly over time and are far more extensive than those introduced at Hitchin or Enfield Chase. A lot more work is required at WGC!

This photograph of WGC Station in 1985 shows the hedges all neatly trimmed to a reasonable height. Today the privets and other shrubs are over 6 feet tall.


WGC Station in 1985

Our first gardening party was in April 2018 and we have had 8 so far.

There have already been massive improvements to the flower beds on Platforms 3/4, especially at the north end, thanks to all the volunteers who have helped. It has been a most enjoyable experience and we have been rewarded by the uncovering unseen plants and watching the shrubs thrive again as you can see in the photographs below.

A witch hazel has been uncovered.

Newly pruned roses are thriving and unruly pines cut back.

Soon we will be planting out 12 large wooden troughs around the station buildings.

I have taken on the role of the organiser and would welcome volunteers who wish to offer their time for Gardening Parties at the Station, we would also welcome donations of tools and plants etc. The group is also interested in hearing from potential sponsors.

If you would like to help in any way please contact me directly.

Lynda Cowan Email: lynda.cowan@virgin.net Phone: 01707 324723