Dear Concerned Resident of the Garden City

As a local Civic society, the Welwyn Garden City Society are very concerned about what is planned in the Broadwater Road area and, in particular, the THREE Planning applications that have been proposed 1. BioPark ironically called Broadwater ‘Gardens’  2. South Site  3. North Site (Wheat Quarter)

Many people share our concern please register your comments to the THREE applications. The Bio Park (replacing former Roche Building) will be the first of these to be heard at the planning meeting DMC (Development Management Committee) NOW POSTPONED UNTIL 9 SEPTEMBER 2021.

Bio-Park/ Broadwater ‘Gardens’ (Replacing Roche Building) – where around 900 people are proposed to be crammed in

South Site – Red Hatching Shows Proposed Changes which are higher and bulkier than previously Approved (click image for bigger view)

Comments are still being accepted (timeline ASAP) so please object to these applications – every objection counts!

1. Bio-Park:

2. Former Shredded Wheat Factory South:

3. Former Shredded Wheat Factory North site (Wheat Quarter) if not done yet!

Suggested text is at the end of this link:

It is important that the Council be made aware of the strong opposition that exists to all of the Broadwater Road proposals, as represented by the Planning applications.

You can also:
– Lobby your DMC Planning Councillors and all Local Councillors (email lists on recent post)
– Lobby your MP Grant Shapps via email on:
– Join our mailing list or even better, join the Society via our website or email:
– Speak to friends and neighbours
– Come along to the Planning Meeting scheduled for 12 August 2021 from 6:30pm to welcome the Councillors – email us on for details.
– Follow up on social media

Please Action Now! Don’t Complain After the Event!




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