73 Bridge Road East (Ex-Land Rover Site)

One-Page Summary Issued to DMC Councillors
It was disturbing to read the Council Planning recommendation report for this proposed over-redevelopment of a prominent site. It dismissively notes that ‘much of the surrounding commercial development is of a lower height’. This is the most important factor see street scene below:

Bridge Road East: low-rise street scene

The report then clutches for unrepresentative high building comparisons:
• Norton Building – a predominantly 4-storey industrial heritage building that set back from the road.
• Shredded Wheat site: some considerable distance away and a different setting.

The proposed building is huge and unsympathetic to the site:


If it is approved it will have a domino-effect of encouraging a high building ghetto being spread across the Garden City.
Please reject this gross over-development of a prominent site.


The DMC meeting for this application is scheduled for Thursday 17 June 2021 https://democracy.welhat.gov.uk/ieListDocuments.aspx?CId=156&MId=1274


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