Oxfam Water Projects

The Oxfam Walk for Water is fundraising to support vital projects

In the UK we take clean, safe water out of our taps for granted, but in many other countries it’s not like that. People have to use unsafe river water for drinking. As a result:

  • they suffer a high risk of disease
  • the journeys to collect water are dangerous; women and girls often get attacked whilst on their way.
  • The hours spent walking to get water take children away from school, and parents away from working and caring for their families.

Just as important as clean drinking water are adequate toilets. Click to see more about the work Oxfam does on water and sanitation

Here are just three examples of how money raised by you on 21st September can make a real, and life-changing difference to people:

The Oxfam Lifesaver Cube

The Oxfam Lifesaver Cube costs just £21 & provides safe, clean drinking water for families. Dirty water goes in one side and with a few pumps of the handle, safe water comes out of the tap! It’s ideal for emergency situations when usual water supplies have been destroyed.

The LifeSaver Cube removes the harmful organisms from dirty water. It lasts a family 6 months without needing maintenance or chemicals.

See the LifeSaver Cube at work HERE You can also see the Lifesaver Cube at the registration point (Scout Hut) on the day of the Walk.

The Cube costs just £21.  Help us get more ready for the next emergency!



2. Brian and his bicycle – thirsty work in South Sudan

Water means work in South Sudan. Brian fills large jerry cans with water and sells them at local villages. It’s hard, dirty, heavy work. Brian takes the jerry cans from place to place on his trusty bike.

The load Brian carries each day is simply mind-boggling:

8 jerry cans x 25 Kilos x 15 trips = 3 tonnes a day.

That’s the weight of three white rhinos!

BUT Brian was filling his jerry cans DIRECT FROM THE RIVER NILE, which is polluted and carries waterborne diseases. Now Oxfam has made a clean water system for the community, so Brian’s customers get safe water, and the spread of harmful diseases can be stopped.







Brian’s still shifting three tonnes a day on his bike, but his water is clean. It may be thirsty work, but it’s having a real impact.

See his story HERE.

3. Providing clean water in Iraq after ISIS destroyed the town

Rafd and Muhamed were among the first to return to their city of Saadiya in Iraq after it had been devastated by ISIS.

Fighting had destroyed buildings and there was no clean water.With Oxfam’s help they have repaired the damaged plant and fixing 80% of the town’s water pipes.

So, when other residents return and start rebuilding their lives, water is one less thing they’ll have to worry about.

Across Iraq, Oxfam is supporting local authorities in repairing water systems both for people who’ve fled violence, and for the communities taking them in.



To help support all these projects & more, or give £21 for a Lifesaver Cube please join us for The Oxfam Walk for Water.


Brian, Rafd and Muhamed and thousands of people like them will be counting on your support.