Routes 2020

Welcome to our Routes page.  Here first of all are our traditional routes, checked out for this year, and further down the page are some further suggestions added this year.

Here are our 4 traditional Oxfam routes, adapted for independent use during the coronavirus situation. They are amended so you can find your way without our usual signs, and also any particularly narrow sections are marked in red. Please take the precautions you normally would on country walks. Choose a distance and a route that is appropriate for your fitness level.

Refer to our map of Oxfam Walk for Water Traditional Routes to decide what to choose:

4 and 2.5 mile route inside Heartwood Forest.  The usual 3-mile option is now closer to 4 miles, because Langley Wood must be walked in a clockwise direction. However, the route can easily be shortened to 2½ miles. Oxfam Walk for Water 4 and 2.5 mile route July edition

5 mile route. From Heartwood to Nomansland Common and home via part of the Hertfordshire Way. Oxfam Walk for Water 5 mile route July edition

8 mile route. From Heartwood, on through Nomansland and through historic Wheathampstead before returning via the ancient Devils Dyke! Oxfam Walk for Water 8 mile route July edition

15 mile route. This takes you on past Wheathampstead and up to Ayot St Lawrence. It’s also possible to use the middle part of this route to have a 7 mile circular walk from Wheathampstead (“7-mile loop to Ayot” on our map). Oxfam Walk for Water 15 mile route July edition

Heartwood Forest routes from the Woodland Trust site are also available HERE.

New suggestions for 2020

Philip has written a circular walk from Nomansland Common, using broad paths and open areas. The full circuit is 6 miles but it can be shortened to 5, 4 or 2½ miles if preferred; choose a distance and a route that is appropriate for your fitness level.  Please take the precautions you normally would on country walks. Click to download Philips route instructions up to 6 miles from Nomansland  and to download map – Philip routes from Nomansland

Another new circular route from Philip takes you from Nomansland to the Heartwood Arboretum and beyond, with options for 3½ or 4 miles. Click to download the Philip’s Walk in Heartwood Arboretum and beyond and the Philip Arboretum Walks – Map

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