The poster booths in Howardsgate

Residents will be well aware of the poster booths in Howardsgate, which are suffering from real neglect.  This is the result of complex ownership and the fact that the economics of posters have long since changed and taken a turn for the worse.


The Society has now set up a project team to apply to the National Lottery for funds to refurbish them.  This is likely to be a long project consisting first of the application itself and, if the bid is successful, the engineering work that would then follow.


Any engineering work undertaken will have to accord with the standards imposed by the National Lottery as regards heritage assets.  After considering various possibilities for the future, the Society has decided to ensure the future life of these booths is properly safeguarded and that they do have some community use.  It thinks that they should remain a key part of the streetscape of the town.


These poster booths were erected to celebrate the Festival of Britain and were designed by Louis de Soissons, the town’s designer and architect throughout his life.




The Society makes a submission to the Commons Select Committee on the Operation of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF)

The Society has just made a submission on the Commons Select Committee which is examining the operation of the new planning laws.

The submission focusses on Section 52 of the NPPF which is intended to foster the building of garden cities as a means of delivering large numbers of new homes to people. As the Society is the only body that represents residents in a garden city that is wholly managed by local authorities, it feels it does have a contribution to make to the debate.  It makes the point that, for future garden cities to thrive, other supporting changes will also have to be made since, as things currently stand, garden cities are not recognised in law and local authority organisations are not organised to deliver or manage them properly.

A summary of the submission can be found by clicking here.

The full submission can be found by clicking here .

If you wish to see the Select Committee’s web site and the other submissions made, please click  here


Stop Press – Newsletters

We would like to let all Visitors to our website know that 8 years of Newsletters can now be read in our “Newsletter Archives” near the bottom of the contents menu on the right hand side. Or simply click here to be taken to that page.

Our Members have been enjoying the Society Newsletters over the years and know that they are a good source of information. And now, all visitors to the website can read them too.

Members will receive their printed copy of the Newsletter several months before it is posted to the website. By becoming a member, you will not only support the Society to keep the environment and ethos of Welwyn Garden City alive, you will be able to read the Newsletter sooner and be helping with the cost of publication!

Happy reading.


Trees and Woodland Strategy consultation – our submission

The Trees and Woodland Strategy consultation has now closed on the WHBC website. As of now none of the comments made by members of the public are visible. Comments were visible during and after consultations on previous documents put out for review using this software system. Why this is no longer the case now we are unclear.

The Society has made its own submission to the consultation, this can be read by clicking on the link below:

Submission to the WHBC on Woodlands and Trees Strategy Final Version 291212

Our submission posits that the approach outlined does not take into account the previous comments made  regarding the  Open Spaces,  and earlier Tree Strategy documents from 2009 and 2007, respectively. Therefore, we have had to repeat many of those comments as little has changed since that time.

It would seem to us that this draft strategy document seeks to make profound changes to the way trees are managed in the town.  The Society believes that it will have profound and serious adverse consequences for the place and its future.  This is not spelt out in the document and for that reason it makes the entire draft misleading.

Society members and residents are encouraged to read our full submission above.