First Zoom Meeting for Members Voted a Success!

Nearly 50 Society members enjoyed Brian Q Love’s presentation on Connected Cities. Brian is an engaging speaker who challenged us to think about how garden city principles might be used to accommodate population growth in the twenty first century. He even suggested that the area stretching along the railway from Stevenage to Potters Bar, incorporating Welwyn Garden City, might be an existing example of what a “Connected City” could be like.

Brian’s presentation raised many questions. The idea is based around the use of railways as the most efficient means of transporting us. The car plays little part in this vision of the future. This is always going to be a problem for many. The idea needs political will to succeed. At present it is hard to see where that support might come from.

Hopefully the presentation inspired us to think about the future development of our area, and of how to house the country’s growing population sustainably.


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