Young activist launches a petition over Splashlands

The Society is supportive of a young man by the name of Bailey Nash-Gardner, age 12, from the Woodhall area. Pro-active Bailey decided to start his own petition asking the council to at long last get on and build a Splash park or similar as a replacement for the much loved Splashlands which was closed 18 years ago next month and was soon after demolished.

Bailey’s petition has so far amassed over 2,300 signatures between online and offline, he’s hoping to get a few thousand more before he hands it in to the Leader of the Council Mr Dean. Bailey is hoping to organise a get together at the former site in August to raise awareness of the matter, to help galvanise the council into spending the £2.3 million that has been set aside for some years for the project. It’s very encouraging to see such a young resident of our town taking such positive action to turn the green empty space where Splashlands once stood into something the town can once again be proud of. You can sign his petition online here:

Bailey at the former Splashlands site recently.

The Society is happy to support his efforts to finally get a replacement amenity for Splashlands that represents what residents actually want, and one that is not prohibitively expensive to use. There is a bit more on this story in our current members newsletter.


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