Updates to our website

May 15th 2017. We have now updated the Newsletter Archive page of the website and you will now find Newsletters from 2014-2016 available to read/download. More recent newsletters are only available to subscribed members and are posted out in high quality print format when they are they are published. The archive can be found here.

We have also published on the website our informative brief paper called “PLANNING AND WELWYN GARDEN CITY – A lay person’s guide.”

 You can find this on the page menu on the right or by clicking here. It is also published in PDF format in the Newsletter Archive section.

The current status with the Local Plan for members information is that it has been agreed at a full council meeting that it should now be passed to the government appointed Independent Planning Inspector for appraisal/approval. The Society and many other local groups and individuals has raised many concerns regarding the soundness of the proposed plan.

In our case we particularly highlighted the potentially high level of ground contamination on and near the proposed Birchall Garden Suburb site known an WGC5. Despite submitting our concerns into the final consultation, and submitting our  paper “What Lies Beneath” to WHBC leadership, and to the consultation, the proposed plan has been approved by the majority of Councillors and will now be passed to the Independent Inspector. To date we have not had any response from the council about our paper, and the questions it asks about the landfill waste facility that operated across the site for 70 years until 1990.

You can see a set of photographs taken at the site over the years here: http://welwynhatfield.co.uk/wgc_society/?page_id=1965   If you know of any others, or have information/memories about the operations there please do get in touch. The Inspector will hold local hearings during the examination of the Local Plan, the Society very much hopes to attend the hearings and present our findings and objections to the Independent Planning Inspector.


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