The poster booths in Howardsgate

Residents will be well aware of the poster booths in Howardsgate, which are suffering from real neglect.  This is the result of complex ownership and the fact that the economics of posters have long since changed and taken a turn for the worse.


The Society has now set up a project team to apply to the National Lottery for funds to refurbish them.  This is likely to be a long project consisting first of the application itself and, if the bid is successful, the engineering work that would then follow.


Any engineering work undertaken will have to accord with the standards imposed by the National Lottery as regards heritage assets.  After considering various possibilities for the future, the Society has decided to ensure the future life of these booths is properly safeguarded and that they do have some community use.  It thinks that they should remain a key part of the streetscape of the town.


These poster booths were erected to celebrate the Festival of Britain and were designed by Louis de Soissons, the town’s designer and architect throughout his life.




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