Trees and Woodland Strategy consultation – our submission

The Trees and Woodland Strategy consultation has now closed on the WHBC website. As of now none of the comments made by members of the public are visible. Comments were visible during and after consultations on previous documents put out for review using this software system. Why this is no longer the case now we are unclear.

The Society has made its own submission to the consultation, this can be read by clicking on the link below:

Submission to the WHBC on Woodlands and Trees Strategy Final Version 291212

Our submission posits that the approach outlined does not take into account the previous comments made  regarding the  Open Spaces,  and earlier Tree Strategy documents from 2009 and 2007, respectively. Therefore, we have had to repeat many of those comments as little has changed since that time.

It would seem to us that this draft strategy document seeks to make profound changes to the way trees are managed in the town.  The Society believes that it will have profound and serious adverse consequences for the place and its future.  This is not spelt out in the document and for that reason it makes the entire draft misleading.

Society members and residents are encouraged to read our full submission above.



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