Local Oxfam Events

Watch this page for details of Oxfam events and also related meetings held by other groups:

Saturday 1 September – our annual Street Collection date in St Albans market, to fundraise and to publicise our major event:

Friday 28 September – we are always looking for volunteers to give up their morning & help us set up the routes for the Oxfam Walk For Water. If you are able to join us please either complete the Volunteers Sign Up Form or email on  oxfamstalbans1@gmail.com

Saturday 29 September – all are welcome to the Oxfam Walk for Water, once again offering various routes in lovely countryside, and fundraising for water and sanitation projects in various locations around the world. You can see more at the “2018 Walk for Water” tab. To sign up or get more details, email us now on  oxfamstalbans1@gmail.com



Past Fundraising Activities

A big Thank You to all our supporters who came along to watch our Oxfam Charity Play on 7th June, “Dumb Show” by Joe Penhall, in the Abbey Theatre Studio.

We are very pleased to announce that we raised an impressive £650.33 on the night

And another HUGE Thank you to The Waffle House & Cosa Nostra for providing vouchers for our raffle.

About the play: In a luxury hotel, hot-shot private bankers John and Jane are plying TV personality Barry with equal parts outrageous flattery and vintage champagne, both of which he finds irresistible. The pair cajole him into revealing some of the seamier aspects of his off-camera life”. The Guardian says that ‘Penhall simply exposes the seamy side of tabloid journalism and suggests its readers are complicit in its infectious celebrity-baiting’.