Introducing Oxfam Walk For Water 2018 (successor to Herts Hike)

On Saturday 29th September 2018 we will be hiking 3, 5, 8, 15 or even 20 miles in the beautiful Hertfordshire countryside to raise money for various Oxfam water projects. This will be the “Oxfam Walk for Water 2018” (the successor to the hugely successful Herts Hike which has been raising money for Oxfam projects across the world for over 20 years). For more information on the routes you can access full Walkers Information & Maps.



In the UK we take clean, safe water out of our taps for granted, but in so many other countries it’s not like that. People who use unsafe river water for drinking suffer a high risk of disease. In addition, the journeys to collect water are dangerous; women and girls may get attacked whilst on their way. The hours spent in walking represent time lost from schooling, working and caring for families. Just as important as clean drinking water are adequate toilets. You can see more about the work Oxfam does on water & where your money will go HERE


Raising money for the Walk for Water couldn’t be simpler. Please visit our Fundraising Made Easy page to see how, or simply donate directly through our Just Giving page.


The event is entirely run by volunteers & every year we rely on people to give up their time to make the Oxfam Walk For Water a reality. If you would like to donate your time on either 28th (for route marking) or for the actual day on 29th September you can access a Volunteers Sign Up Form HERE.


Alternatively you can contact us at