Herts Hike 2017 – Date For The Diary: Saturday 23rd September

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We are excited to announce that we now have a date for the Herts Hike – Saturday 23rd September 2017.  Please put the date in your diary & watch this space for details on how to enrol to join us for a lovely day enjoying the Hertfordshire countryside while also raising money for an important Oxfam project in the developing world.  Last year we raised £6000 for Honduras.


This year we will be supporting the project to improve water supplies in Northern Kenya.


Lack of water is a recurrent and serious problem in the arid lands of Turkana and Wajir in northern Kenya.  In these areas, it is common for up to 35 per cent of the population to be suffering from acute malnutrition at any one time.  Malnutrition occurs when people do not absorb enough nutrients and is often caused by drinking dirty water, as people frequently suffer from vomiting and diarrhoea. Women and girls are traditionally responsible for collecting water, and most of them walk for several hours every day in searing temperatures to access it.


Rose Akuwam, 20, has two children and lives in Kabokorit village, Kakuma, in the arid county of Turkana. The village had a pipeline that supplied three water kiosks, but its 5,578 residents could not access water because the pipeline was damaged and so the water never reached the village.

We could only get water by collecting it from holes we dug in the riverbed.  I would get back home and people would start quarrelling because they were so thirsty.”

Oxfam has significant expertise and experience of working with vulnerable people in the arid lands of northern Kenya.

This is what our money can buy:

£22 could provide clean, safe drinking water to 4 people

£45 could improve the water supply for 200 people by supporting water providers to deliver a better service



We look forward to sharing more details as we get closer to the date but in the meantime we look forward to seeing you on 23rd September!