Oxfam Walk for Water – Autumn Update

Dear Oxfam friends, we hope this finds you well.

  • September is our “Walking for Oxfam” month – why not set yourself a mileage challenge?
  • We set a target date of 26 September for 2020, but the Justgiving pages will continue open after that – you can carry on walking!.
  • Oxfam Walk for Water remains on a flexible footing as we cannot bring walkers and marshals together on a set date.
  • Please walk your favourite route and donate via our Walk for Water Justgiving site to help Oxfam’s Water Projects.
  • You can join in from anywhere – no need to be in St Albans this year!
  • Send your photos and messages of support to oxfamstalbans1@gmail.com– and follow Oxfam St Albans on Facebook.
  • Go the Routes 2020 page to download the traditional Oxfam routes and see new suggestions
  • Do use our fundraiser sheet to log your progress

Our classic 3, 5, 8 and 15 mile Oxfam routes have been checked and written so they can be followed without the usual Oxfam waymarks, which we cannot put out this year. Go to the Routes 2020 page, either to print or save on your phone.

Oxfam’s theme for the month nationwide is “Secondhand September”. We don’t have to buy new clothes all the time – fast fashion is one of the factors driving the climate crisis, with large amounts of water, energy and resources going into clothes that may be worn only a few times. Find yourself something secondhand in your local Oxfam shop – wear it on your walk!

Thank you to everybody who has already joined in, marking their walks, outings, and visits by giving to this year’s appeal. We have reached our first £1,000 already through their efforts. Can you help us go way beyond that?

Oxfam needs our help more than ever as it tries to bring clean water and handwashing to those in need. The new Oxfam Handwashing Station can be a real lifesaver in situations such as refugee camps. Each one costs £45 to make – how many could we manage to sponsor?

Oxfam Walk For Water 2020 – Update 6th June

Dear Oxfam friends,

Current circumstances mean we’ve decided:

  • Our 2020 event needs to be flexible
  • So we encourage you to start walking NOW
  • Log your walks & DONATE to Oxfam’s Walk for Water page as you go
  • We will publish our ROUTES so you can use these – or choose your own
  • FUNDRAISING ENDS 26th September
  • Read more below and watch for our updates!
  • To see details of Oxfam’s response during the global COVID-19 pandemic HERE

With its shops and fundraising avenues like festivals closed, Oxfam needs our support more than ever. However, circumstances mean we cannot offer our Walk for Water in the usual way, as bringing walkers and helpers together at the Scout Hut and at places around the routes would not be responsible. If we can waymark some routes on certain dates we’ll announce it.

So, we are switching to a flexible approach and one that fits the current lifestyle emphasis on outdoor exercise.

Start your Walk for Water efforts NOW by logging your countryside walks. Follow the classic 3, 5, 8 and 15 mile Oxfam routes, which we will post here on our website and develop your own favourite walks and tell us about them.

Write into us at Oxfamstalbans1@gmail.com with your photos and news of where you have been. Let’s build a “Walk for Water” community this year. Who can log up the greatest mileage?

Our original event date of 26 September can be the target date for completing fundraising.

Fundraising arrangements. All participants donate to Oxfam (you decide the amount) and/or also collect sponsors. We have a Just Giving page already running and here you or your sponsors can donate money and opt to Gift Aid it too, giving Oxfam a valuable 25% increase. However, if you are putting money aside at a more gradual rate then start a “Oxfam Fundraiser Sheet” and log your progress towards a water cube or a hand-washing station. Each time you reach another £10, donate to the Justgiving page and tell us about your walks.

We know that Oxfam will have great needs to meet in the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene fields – its special areas of expertise – so we want to rise to the challenge and fundraise as much as before. Join in and help us get there!

The money placed on the Justgiving page will be available for Oxfam’s use within a few days, helping it to respond to Covid-19 situations and people in need.

St Albans Group Fundraising successes

In October 2018 our volunteers held an emergency street collection in aid of the Indonesian Earthquake & Tsunami. Thank you to the people of St Albans who once again gave so generously – helping us collect over £600.

If you were unable to donate on the day, you can use the attached link to give directly to the DEC Appeal.


Thank you to everyone who made 2019 Walk For Water a HUGE success!

Thank you to everyone who came along & took part in the Oxfam Walk For Water last year on another sunny September day for the Oxfam Walk!  Yet again some 250 people joined us on a gorgeous day including 100 scouts and their families!

We have raised an impressive £7700+ through donations on the day & via our Just Giving site against our goal of £5000.

Not paid your money in yet? Just go on the Just Giving website or send us an email to oxfamstalbans1@gmail.com for any further details.


Oxfam’s work with water and sanitation


In the UK we take clean, safe water out of our taps for granted, but in so many other countries it’s not like that. People who use unsafe river water for drinking suffer a high risk of disease. In addition, the journeys to collect water are dangerous; women and girls may get attacked whilst on their way. The hours spent in walking represent time lost from schooling, working and caring for families. Just as important as clean drinking water are adequate toilets. You can see more about the work Oxfam does on water & where your money will go HERE 

Watch HERE to view a video demonstrating the Lifesaver Cube which we are raising funds for at the Walk For Water. One Cube provides a family with clean drinking water for a full year & costs just £21.39!


Thank you to everyone who supported our Oxfam Theatre Nights

Oxfam has benefited from three charity Theatre Nights at the Abbey Theatre in St Albans in recent years. In November 2019 we raised over £1000 through ticket and raffle sales at the performance of “Pitmen Painters”. Thanks to everyone who came along, to our dedicated volunteers and those who donated prizes. Thanks too, to all at the Abbey Theatre, St Albans.