Posted by Coordinator | Posted in General Information | Posted on 30-10-2009


Youth Connexion is providing a bus for youths as a drop-in venue at Moneyhole on Friday evenings between 6-9.30 pm.

The first was tonight Friday 30 October. Around 40 youngsters used the facilities. It will resume on 13 Nov through to December. There are volunteer youth workers on board. Refreshments will be provided. This  is to provide a safe indoor venue for youngsters to meet under supervision.

This is the first of many cross agencies initiatives that we hope to see for the youth in Panshanger. The joint approach is a FoM instigated initiative. Other agencies are also interested to help but require funding. If anyone has ideas or  funding contacts with employers or organisations, please contact TK. Email:

Updated: 11 Feb 2010 – THIS WILL RESUME IN MAY 2010