New page about local wildlife


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We have added a new page to the site, all are welcome to contribute information about birds and wildlife seen in around the park. Have a look at it here or from page menu on the right.

We’ve just added a new poll, please vote if you have an opinion. Cherry trees and other fruit trees are thriving around Panshanger, should we also have some in the park?

Comments and ideas are welcome as always.

Moneyhole features in election leaflet


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Just a note to say many people have seen a headline piece about the park in an election leaflet currently being delivered in Panshanger. The article makes no mention of the Friends of Moneyhole, who as locals will know,  have been seeking action from ward councillors for a long time now.  No doubt readers are forming their own conclusions as to the effectiveness of local councillors with regard to the park however.

More about the article, and comment on it can be read HERE.

Welcome to the Friends of Moneyhole Park web site!


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This is the  home on the web on the Friends of Moneyhole Lane Park in Panshanger, Welwyn Garden City. We are a small but growing group of people who value this great and much used local amenity. We are working hard to make the park a tidy, safe, and natural outdoor space.


This is a local community powered, volunteer driven initiative. Your help and contributions are always welcome.