13th March pathway improvements


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A few of us gathered today in order to make further improvements to the all weather nature trail. Quite a lot was done in just a few hours and we also managed to pick up some litter as a secondary exercise. We only scratched the surface of the litter,  it’s interesting to see the kind of things people carelessly throw away in our countryside.

So what did we find:

Golf balls

Bags containing dog mess (which begs the question why bag it up and then NOT put it in the bin or take it with you).

Beer cans, and some unopened bottles of beer.

Drink at Moneyhole

Spirits bottles, including one still full of Vodka.

A 1.5 litre bottle of cheap wine with three straws!

Wine at Moneyhole

In just half hour we picked up several bags of litter, much of it confectionery and crisp wrappers, the kind of thing most often eaten by children. Lets hope that the new litter bins now in place around the park help reduce this kind of rubbish.

Moneyhole litter closeup

Finally a few pictures of the nature trail work in progress:

hard at work at Moneyhole

Groundwork improvements at Moneyhole

pathwork finalised

TK and Frank have earned their cup of tea!

Whilst we were there an off-road motorcycle came by with 2 teenagers on it. About half an hour later the Police helicopter spent 10  minutes circling over the park looking for something, presumably the rogue bikers. We snapped a nice pic below of the helicopter:


Thanks to all who came along this morning and committed a few hours to making Moneyhole an even better place for local residents.