Field mice uncovered


Posted by The Park Keeper | Posted in Nature Watch | Posted on 30-05-2012

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Local resident Lesley writes:

Moving a long established plant container this week with a big mound of ivy in it unfortunately disturbed (along with a frog) a nest of fieldmice. The babies which had not yet opened their eyes started running away as fast as their tiny little legs could carry them before we scooped them up. We tried to recreate the nest in the same spot with the help of some shredded paper and a roof of plant pot saucers to protect them from the rain as the Mum was seen hopping around in the vicinity. A couple of days later we saw that they’d gone so we are guessing and hoping she moved them to a new site. Here are some pictures of the cute critters:

Fieldmice in Panshanger

Baby fieldmice


Fieldmice in Panshanger