Security Barrier ASB Meeting Sat 06 Mar


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FoM called a fact finding meeting with the residents,  SOSC and Ward councillors.

The aim is to acquaint the councillors on the long standing car related ASB problems before the crucial SOSC meeting on 25 March.

5 SOSC and Ward councillors kindly attended – Cllr I Dean, Cllr L Lotz, Cllr D Bennett, Cllr R Trigg and Cllr S Johnson.

We thank the residents of Roseacre Gardens for the loan of their Residents Lounge.

The minutes can be viewed here.

Grant Shapps visits Moneyhole in support of entrance barrier proposal


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Welwyn Hatfield MP Grant Shapps recently visited Moneyhole Lane park to learn about the  proposal for an automatic barrier designed to reduce  over-night anti social behaviour at the park. He ventured out, along with several residents,  on a very snowy day to hear about the long-standing issues faced by nearby residents. A log is now being compiled of all reported ASB around the park by residents, already there are over 30 entries and climbing. This is being done to prove to the Police and others that there is a problem at Moneyhole, previously it has been claimed that no problem exists.

Grant Shapps and residents at the park in early January

Grant Shapps and residents at the park in early January

A sample from the log can be viewed here:  INCIDENTS LOG V0.4

Friends of Moneyhole thank Grant for taking the time to come and see us. We hope his support  will also inspire our local councillors to make good their intention to support a Community Chest application for this initiative, as was stated at the last FoM meeting.

FoM issued a Press Release outlining the facts and issues around the barrier proposal. That can be can be read HERE.

An article about this also appeared in the Welwyn Times print edition of January 21st.

Community chest request for automatic barrier


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After significant canvassing of public opinion with those living on the fringes of the park,  FoM have requested from our councillors  funding from the WHBC community chest to have an automatic rising barrier installed at the entrance to the park. This barrier will only be operational overnight, and is intended to stop the vehicle based noise and anti-social behaviour which has plagued the site for a considerable time now. Other measures, such as calling the Police have often proved ineffective. This preventative measure, which is not especially expensive, and for which funding does exist through the community chest,  seems like a good option. Other options may exist of course and FoM are always open to suggestion.

The letter detailing the proposal,  which all three of our councillors must endorse for funding to be offered,  can be read by clicking HERE.

The community chest fund is coordinated by ward councillors through the Panshanger Ward Improvement plan. Attempts to sight that plan, which is assumed to be in the public domain, have so far been unsuccessful, for reasons unclear at this point. It appears from looking at how community chest funds have been allocated thus far across the borough,  the wards with the most pro-active councillors have received the lions share of monies for community improvements from the chest.

Check back for updates on this proposal. We are hoping that councillors will agree it’s a good solution to an ongoing problem.