Moneyhole suggestions


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Finesse and WHBC were emailed on 14 Oct 09 to include these suggestions for consideration in Moneyhole Lane Park budget of 2011/12 and beyond.

We have asked for greater transparency and community involvement in budget setting for community amenities in the future.

This is the ranking of the suggestions from the Friends Group from our recent exercise.


1 All-weather /3G Tennis & multipurpose courts enclosed with flood lights (like KGV)
2 Public toilet facilities (opened during park hours)
=3 Bowls
=3 Dog Agility area
=4 Picnic area
=4 Adult Fitness area
=4 More car parking, better access road for emergency vehicles
=5 Splash Land facility
=5 Security Gate for Wyton Park Entrance
=5 Auto dog drinking tap – self sensing tap that control drips and switches itself off

Moneyhole has a 2009/10 budget of £25,320 compared to KGV of £197,210. The ratio is roughly similar for past years. The budget is primarily for grass cutting, premises, pitch markings and park maintenance. Without your input and support , the Council and Finesse is unlikely spend more any more money on Moneyhole. Panshanger deserves better. Please email Finesse and WHBC to support these ideas and to ask for a fairer budget for Panshanger and Moneyhole.

Exercise equipment for adults


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At the last FoM meeting David told us about a park just off the A10 in Enfield that has some adult orientated exercise equipment. Below is a picture he kindly sent us which shows the various bits of kit they have. Looks like the kind of thing that would go down well with the adults who use Moneyhole as part of their regular exercise routine.

Adult exercise equipment in a park in Enfield

Adult exercise equipment in a park in Enfield

Nature Trail walk event update


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The inaugural walk around the Park on Saturday went well with about 20 people coming along. See a few pictures below:

Ready for the off!

Ready for the off!

Enjoying the new and improved nature trail

Enjoying the new and improved nature trail

A saunter in the sun!

A saunter in the sun!

A finally our best turned out dog competition winner and owner can be seen below!

And the winner is? (please get in touch with your dog's name!)

And the winner is? (please get in touch with your dog's name!)

If you have any park pictures you’d like to share with us on this site please email them to us at:

Nature Trail progress 23rd July & next meeting


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Wood chippings were spread between Moneyhole entrance to Martlesham today.  Over 90% of this stretch of the path is now completed, today we ran out of time.  Here’s a picture of the Wyton side of the trail, looking good!

Nature Trail Moneyhole

Next meeting:

30 July 7 – 8.30 pm This is the last meeting for the summer. Do come along and support the residents and park users to make Moneyhole park a safer, cleaner and inclusive place for everyone. All are welcome.

Welcome to the Friends of Moneyhole Park web site!


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This is the  home on the web on the Friends of Moneyhole Lane Park in Panshanger, Welwyn Garden City. We are a small but growing group of people who value this great and much used local amenity. We are working hard to make the park a tidy, safe, and natural outdoor space.


This is a local community powered, volunteer driven initiative. Your help and contributions are always welcome.

16th July -Nature Trail progress


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The preparation to the right hand path bordering Birchall Farm was completed today .

  • Narrow sections were widened.
  • Bramble and nettles were cut back.
  • Scrappings laid on the path.
  • These were tamped down with the wacker plate.

Moneyhole to Wyton entrance path – wood chippings were laid on 2/3 of this section of the path.
Further work is required next Thursday to continue with the task.

Thank you to everyone involved, and those who came to help today!

Nature Trail Improvements


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Work has started to create an all season path for this mile long walk along the tree belt that runs around the perimeter of the Park. A senior resident at an early friends meeting suggested putting wood chippings on the path. Sections of the path get very muddy on wet days especially during the winter months. Over the years the rising tree roots have also deterred those with mobility issues from enjoying this walk. It was agreed that it was sensible to try to improve some of these sections before spreading wood chips over the path.

A resident decided to make this request a reality. As no budget was forthcoming from WHBC, he got a donation of 20 tonnes of scrapings from Lafarge for this community project. Hertfordshire Probation Services agreed to provide a Community Payback team for two days and the funding for the Probation supervisor came from Finesse.

Time Line

May     Secured contributions from Lafarge, Finesse and Probation Services.

June   16 June                      Lafarge delivered the scrapings

30 June          Finesse moved scrapings to park entrances.

July     02 July                        Ground work to move scrapings over affected areas started.

Wyton to Martlesham entrances. Scrapings along this stretch have been tamped down, covering roots and dips. Positive comments from park users have being encouraging.

Further sections bordering the woods and along the path near Birchall Farm are laid but not bedded down.  We ran out of time for the day.  Please bear with us till the work is done.

09 July                        Community Payback team to resume work along the Birchall Farm path, exposing good sections of POW path where feasible.

16 July            (TBA)   Wood chippings – the spreading of wood chippings over the path, except the POW sections. We can start this task sooner if enough volunteers come forward.

See the picture gallery for pictures of the progress so far!