Moneyhole features in election leaflet


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Just a note to say many people have seen a headline piece about the park in an election leaflet currently being delivered in Panshanger. The article makes no mention of the Friends of Moneyhole, who as locals will know,  have been seeking action from ward councillors for a long time now.  No doubt readers are forming their own conclusions as to the effectiveness of local councillors with regard to the park however.

More about the article, and comment on it can be read HERE.

13th March pathway improvements


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A few of us gathered today in order to make further improvements to the all weather nature trail. Quite a lot was done in just a few hours and we also managed to pick up some litter as a secondary exercise. We only scratched the surface of the litter,  it’s interesting to see the kind of things people carelessly throw away in our countryside.

So what did we find:

Golf balls

Bags containing dog mess (which begs the question why bag it up and then NOT put it in the bin or take it with you).

Beer cans, and some unopened bottles of beer.

Drink at Moneyhole

Spirits bottles, including one still full of Vodka.

A 1.5 litre bottle of cheap wine with three straws!

Wine at Moneyhole

In just half hour we picked up several bags of litter, much of it confectionery and crisp wrappers, the kind of thing most often eaten by children. Lets hope that the new litter bins now in place around the park help reduce this kind of rubbish.

Moneyhole litter closeup

Finally a few pictures of the nature trail work in progress:

hard at work at Moneyhole

Groundwork improvements at Moneyhole

pathwork finalised

TK and Frank have earned their cup of tea!

Whilst we were there an off-road motorcycle came by with 2 teenagers on it. About half an hour later the Police helicopter spent 10  minutes circling over the park looking for something, presumably the rogue bikers. We snapped a nice pic below of the helicopter:


Thanks to all who came along this morning and committed a few hours to making Moneyhole an even better place for local residents.

Security Barrier ASB Meeting Sat 06 Mar


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FoM called a fact finding meeting with the residents,  SOSC and Ward councillors.

The aim is to acquaint the councillors on the long standing car related ASB problems before the crucial SOSC meeting on 25 March.

5 SOSC and Ward councillors kindly attended – Cllr I Dean, Cllr L Lotz, Cllr D Bennett, Cllr R Trigg and Cllr S Johnson.

We thank the residents of Roseacre Gardens for the loan of their Residents Lounge.

The minutes can be viewed here.

Nature Trail Remedial Work Wed 09 & Sat 13 March 10


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A section of the Birchall Farm Nature Trail got very soggy and muddy over the  wet February weather. This was in spite of the  new wood chippings being spread.

Margot & TK, two local residents hitched up two barrows and shifted several loads of scrapings off the remnants in the car park from last July.  Margot shovelled and TK wheeled  and spread it over the paths. Hopefully it should make it easier for the walkers.

Saturday 13 Mar 10 am – 12 noon. Got a spare hour or two. Join us and lend us a hand to spread wood chippings.  Meet at Wyton Park entrance. Dress for the weather.

Loading scrappings Car parkRelaid path Birchall Farm

Relaid path Birchall Farm

A little light and shade


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While we aim to be positive about our park in the main, like many things in life it’s not all roses. This is just a short post to bring people up to date with the less savoury activities that have been going on at  park very recently.

  • Several cars were causing a nuisance in Moneyhole car park one evening (reported to the Police).
  • Lead flashing stolen from Russett House – Friday 5th March (reported to the Police, a crime most likely committed via easy access from the Park).
  • Gangs of girls screaming in the park after midnight on Saturday 06th March  morning.
  • Four flytipped carpets, underlay & rubbish at one end of the car park overnight Saturday 6th March – reported to WHBC via
  • Five dumped builders tubs in another bay at a middle section of car park.

All of the above clearly shows ongoing incidents at the park, despite a reluctance on the part of many authorities to accept the fact. This is why FoM continues to call for action to improve park security and reduce anti-social behaviour. The last set of data collated by FoM a few weeks ago showed:

41 incidents were reported between 21 Nov 09 to 28 Feb 10.

  • 54% were car related.
  • 15% were motorcycle related.
  • 3 dog related.
  • There was also a flytipped mattress!

The hope is that by highlighting these negative points the powers that be might start seeking to address them in a constructive and pro-active way.

To end on lighter note below is a picture taken in the park as the low winter sun was sinking toward the horizon. The photo doesn’t do the scene justice, but you can see that even in the winter there are lovely vista’s to be had at the park.

Sunset over Moneyhole park

Sunset over Moneyhole park

Anti-social behaviour log


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Local residents are asked to keep a log of anti-social behaviour in the park, many have done so and the current version of the log is now available on this site. It gives a flavour of the types and quantity of ASB taking place. It can be viewed on the ‘Useful Documents’ page of this website or click here to download it.

This log proves to the authorities that ASB does happen at the park, and therefore  resources are required to address the problem.



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Some park users would have noticed the wood chippings being laid over the paths alongside Birchall Farm and Henry Woods recently. It is the result of DIRECT ACTION AGAIN BY FRIENDS OF MONEYHOLE (FoM).

Since July 2009, the nature trail has suffered from wear and tear as well as bike damage. When Sally‘s requests to Finesse about remedial work got nowhere, FoM decided to tackle the task ourselves again.

The Probation Services kindly offered us a team for 3 Wednesdays – 03, 10 and 17 February to shift the wood chippings.  Finesse provided the wood chippings but the muscle power came from the Community Payback team and a FOM member.

More remedial work is still needed on the Wyton path stretch. There will be a Saturday volunteer morning to spread more chippings on the path. Email us if you can spare an hour or two. Many hands make light work.

Birchall Farm path 13Feb Birchall Farm chipped path 13FebCommunity payback team 10 Feb C DSCN9729

Acknowledgements with sincere thanks to: Hertfordshire Probation Services in particular Lee Warren, Team Supervisor; Kerrie Eastman, Project Manager; the lads;  Monica & Craig (03Feb), Rex (10Feb) and Finesse for the chippings.





FoM 12 February 2010 Meeting


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The meeting was well attended by 23 people with 16 apologies. Thanks to everyone who turned up at a weeks notice & new venue change.

These minutes are available on the FoM Minutes and Document page.

The next FoM meeting is on Friday 26 Mar @ 7 pm at Barndicott Hall, AL7 2BS.

Survey – At the meeting a WGC LSE student, Catherine Luck, asked for help to answer 4 simple questions on  about the local Greenbelt preservation. Kindly email her for the questions.

Nature Trail – Two sections of the paths were wood chipped over the last three Wednesdays.  We thank the Community Payback team for providing the teams. Remedial work is still needed on the Wyton Martlesham stretch.  Contact us if you can spare an hour or two.

Residents – please meet the Councillors this Sat 06 Mar 10 am. The councillors want to learn more about the Moneyhole car related ASB . Please attend to make your case. Venue: Roseacre Gardens Resident Lounge.

Ramble – Contact me for the date of the next ramble to Tewin village. Suggestions are welcome.

ASB Incident Log – Updated 28 Feb 2010

Dog Control Orders


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Dog Control Orders, Defra leaflet.

A informative leaflet by Defra about the meaning and design of dog control orders can be found in the Useful Documents section, or by clicking HERE.

Grant Shapps visits Moneyhole in support of entrance barrier proposal


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Welwyn Hatfield MP Grant Shapps recently visited Moneyhole Lane park to learn about the  proposal for an automatic barrier designed to reduce  over-night anti social behaviour at the park. He ventured out, along with several residents,  on a very snowy day to hear about the long-standing issues faced by nearby residents. A log is now being compiled of all reported ASB around the park by residents, already there are over 30 entries and climbing. This is being done to prove to the Police and others that there is a problem at Moneyhole, previously it has been claimed that no problem exists.

Grant Shapps and residents at the park in early January

Grant Shapps and residents at the park in early January

A sample from the log can be viewed here:  INCIDENTS LOG V0.4

Friends of Moneyhole thank Grant for taking the time to come and see us. We hope his support  will also inspire our local councillors to make good their intention to support a Community Chest application for this initiative, as was stated at the last FoM meeting.

FoM issued a Press Release outlining the facts and issues around the barrier proposal. That can be can be read HERE.

An article about this also appeared in the Welwyn Times print edition of January 21st.