Summer Newsletter


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Nature Trail repairs - If you use the nature trail and can spare 2 hours to spread wood chips on the path, please come an give us a hand. We meet at the far end by the mobile mast on the following dates.

  • Friday 12 Aug - 10 am to noon :  To complete the final section of Birchall Farm side of Moneyhole Nature Trail
  • Sun 21 Aug – 10 am to noon : Henry Woods side (top right of Moneyhole Park)
  • Email :

Please bring a rake, barrow and spade if possible. The wood chips were kindly donated by Mark May, a local tree surgeon.

Trail Bikes - As it is the Summer school holidays we expect more families and park users will enjoy Moneyhole Park and the woods. Do be vigilant of trail bikes. Please report any sighting to the Police for their immediate action.

Blood Donor Programme – the Royal Veterinary College (RVC), Brooksman Park, held a Blood Donor Programme evening on Thursday 30 June. It gave a fascinating insight into how dog’s blood donated is processed and used in the various types of transfusion. A case study was on onion poisoning that caused severe anemia. It ended with a tour of the new state of the art Queen Mother Hospital. The donor dogs come as far as London, Bedfordshire and Essex.  Cats are also welcome as donors.

If you are interested to find out more, please contact or ring 01707 666 511.

Nature Watch -

  • Red Kites – A pair was spotted on 3 July around 5.30pm circling Lincoln Close before disappearing towards Panshanger Airfield.
  • Foxes -  It seems that there is more than one  established colony around Panshanger. Many thanks to everyone who wrote in.

Dowsing - The Hertfordshire Dowsing group has yet to finalise the visit to a site near Panshanger.

Events or news – if you have any events or news to share, do email us.

Useful numbers and websites – we will publish useful numbers or websites periodically here.

  • New Police non emergency number – 101. Remember to ask for a unique reference number (URN).
  • – an excellent site to reporting local faults, litter and issues to WHBC and Herts CC. Moneyhole Park post code is AL7 2RT. Highlight the spot on the map. Broken broken glass on pavement, flytipping and litter were resolved in the past.
  • – for Highway related faults like pot holes and damaged pavements –
  • WHBC contact centre – email:; tel: 01707 357000 / 01707 357484
  • The authorities are fairly prompt in dealing with reported issues but only when you report them.


Contact Message -

Date: Thu, 4 Aug 2011 16:26:31

Good day
Could you please send me more information on volunteering with FoM, eg. how to register, upcoming events volunteers required for, what type of work you need volunteers for, etc. I am quite keen on volunteering to help with upkeep of the park & surroundings.
Thank you

Could the sender kindly email us on There is no registration or joining fee . We are like minded folks who wants to make Moneyhole a better amenity for everyone.

There is a periodic  email circular about events and news. You are most welcome to help us with the Nature Trail repairs.

Moneyhole Play Areas


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08 July – Finesse advised that the damaged nest swing in the play area will be removed. It will take several weeks for a replacement.

On 13 May A park user raised a serious concern about the safety of the tunnel slide in the multi-activity area.

The bark has been dispersed on the bottom of the slide and her son’s head narrowly missed the exposed concrete base.  Finesse has yet provided a satisfactory response for a permanent solution.  In the meantime, we advise parents and users to take extreme care when using the tunnel slide.

If you have any concerns about the play areas,  please contact Finesse and your councillors.  Keep us posted.

June newsletter


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Saturday 2July 2011        Time:  4 – 6 pm or later (weather permitting)

Bring your own picnic & something to sit on.  Meet at the Wyton Entrance.

Everyone is welcome. Bring along a neighbour or friend.

Well behaved dogs are also welcomed but must be on leads and tethered please.

If it is wet, it will be held the following Sat 9 July.

Nature Watch

Foxes – several residents emailed to say that there is a fair number of foxes live around the neighbourhood.
10 June Tracey of Lincoln Close,  has seen a family of 5 cubs near Moneyhole Park and a visiting skinny vixen on alternate nights.
12 June Joy – “I live in Lincoln Close and see a fox most nights, a few months ago there was 3 in the street at the same time”
24 June Lyn of Roseacre, said that they have a fox den behind Roseacre Gardens. The foxes bring their young to the grass verge between the Bus Stop and Moneyhole entrance to play in the early hours. One fox followed a resident down Moors Walk one day.
Red Kites - Good news. They are still around as a couple of folks from Lincoln Close, reported back with recent sightings.
10 June Tracey – “I have seen a pair of red kite within the last 2 weeks over the bramfield area”
23 June Joy - “I have seen them since and last night about 6.30pm I had one fly over the houses in Lincoln Close and the about 10mins later a heron flew straight over my house.”
Muntjac Deers – Lyn also hears the calls of Muntjac at night and the wee hours of the morning.
It is encouraging to hear that wildlife is thriving in the woods and in Moneyhole park.
Please let us know of any future sightings.  Send in your photos  for our website.
Autumn Fungi Walk – Do you know about mushrooms or know of someone who does?
We would like to arrange a walk this Autumn around the Nature Trail and woods.
Mark May found a “King Alfred’s Cake” (Daldinia Concentrica) a hard black mushroom in the heap of wood chips on Sun 12 June when working on the Nature Trail. The wood chip heaps have been hosts to a wide range of mushooms last year. We love to know what they are.
Contact us if you are interested in the walk or can help.
Dowsing - Hertfordshire Dowsing group is hoping arranging a visit to a site near Panshanger in August. If you are interested and wish to observe them in action, please email me.  More details will be available when access permission is granted.
Hope to see you all at the Picnic next Saturday 02 July.

Contact email :

Nature Trail Repairs 12 June 2011


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A small group of volunteers turned out on a wet Sunday morning to re-lay wood chips on a section along Birchall Farm . The wood chips were kindly donated by Mark May a local tree surgeon. Our heartfelt thanks go to the May family – Mark, Linda, Erin and neighbours – Lyn and Zulfigar Ahmed for giving up their Sunday morning to spread the wood chips  on half of the Birchall trail.

If you can help on the future repairs, email us on Please specify if you prefer weekdays or weekends.

12 June 11 Nature Trail rechipped path

June Update


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Nature Trail repairs – Sun 12 June 10 – 12 noon

Can you spare 2 hours this Sunday to spread wood chips on the Nature Trail alongside Birchall Farm? Mark May, a local tree surgeon, kindly donated the wood chips last month and has also offered to help. Sections are worn and the winter months also took its toll. Please bring along a rake or spade if you have one.

The mile long Nature Trail initiative was started by Friends of Moneyhole as an all season woodland walk back in 2009. We meet at 10 am by the POW footpath and allotments junction after the play areas. Bring along a friend or two.

Picnic in the Park – Sat 02 July 4 – 6 pm

This year’s annual Picnic in the Park is on Sat 02 July. Come and enjoy the park on a warm Saturday afternoon and meet other friendly folks. Bring your own picnic and something to sit on. Well behaved dogs on leads and tethered are always welcomed. Bring along a neighbour.

Meet by the Wyton park entrance.

‘Russett Wood 1′ New Neighbourhood Watch for Russett House, Russett Wood, Dalewood and Glenwood is now set up.  Steven Seager is the local coordinator. Membership is voluntary and free.  Email Steven on for details.

Nature Watch

Foxes – A fox was seen on Thurs 02 June crossing Moors Walk / Panshanger Drive roundabout towards Lordswood just after 1 pm.
Are foxes on the increase? More fox  droppings are seen on the fields in Moneyhole over the last year. Let us know of you have seen foxes in Moneyhole and Panshanger lately.

Red Kites – no local sighting since 06 May. A Bayford park user has seen a pair around the Bayford area. Could these be the same kites?

Let us know if you have seen wildlife in this part of town.

Easter Fete donation – Guide Dog Stevenage Branch


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14 May 2011

Branch Chairman Sean Dilley presented with a cheque of £207 by Carole Jeffery on behalf of Friends of Moneyhole & Nicky Higgs, Dog Warden.

The Friends of Moneyhole raised the funds on Easter Saturday’s fete through raffle, programme, competitions and bric-a-brac sales.

Easter Fete Donation – St Tiggywinkles Wildlife Animal Hospital


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07 May 2011 – FoM travelled to St Tiggywinkles Wildlife Animal Hospital, Haddenham, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire to hand over a cheque for £211 and to return the surplus undistributed St Tiggywinkles literature.

Moneyhole Family Fun Day Fete 23 April 2011


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The Friends of Moneyhole(FoM) would like to thank everyone who came to the Easter Saturday fete. We were blessed with fine weather and everyone had a good time. Like last year the dogs were very well behaved.  Our thanks also go to all the stallholders, participants and volunteers who made the fete successful.  Lastly, a special mention with thanks to Margot Choo, TK Choo and Nicky Higgs for all their effort in organising this community event.  FoM organised the event with initial support from the Animal Wardens


  • Dog with Waggiest Tail – PIP                Owner – Kerrie
  • My Pet’s Got Talent  – INKA                  Owner – Clare
  • Cutest Pet – CHARLIE                              Owner – Josh




72      106     111     116     223     346     415     426

2 unclaimed tickets  are  235  &  471

The amount raised is £414 for the 2 chosen charities. Nearly doubled last year’s.

Statement of fete income & expenditure is now available.

The proceeds came from programme sales, raffle, competition, donations, stall fees and the FoM bric-a-brac stall.

Macmillan Cancer Support – £58.10 the sale proceeds from Margot Choo’s homemade dog biscuit stall


Volunteers – S Seager, Anton, Gavin Koh, Mrs Mold, Mr & Mrs Jefferies, Mr & Mrs Begg, the Allen Family, Mrs Turmaine, Ian

Cllr Sara Johnson , Animal Wardens, Finesse Leisure, Attimore Vets , School4 Dogs, BarkBusters, Willow Farm Village, Stall Holders, PFC

Donations – Tracey Evans & Dean James, Slivi, Margot & TK Choo

Nature Watch


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Red Kites

A pair of red kites have taken up residence around Panshanger. Park users reported seeing these magnificent birds over Moneyhole Park, the Panshanger Airfield and over the Mimram Valley. It is thought they are nesting on Lafarge’s Panshanger Park estate.

They were last spotted on Friday 8th April over the Moneyhole Park. Do send us your photos to share.

Update (24 April) : Paul O’ Rouke spotted the 2 kites over Panshanger Golf course on Sunday 17 April. Please send in your sightings.

Update (06May) : Resident spotted one red kite hovering over woods in Lafarge Panshanger Park around 2pm.

Blue Bells

Blue bells in Birchall Woods and Henry Woods are due to bloom imminently. It should be a very good display again this year. Aim for the woods near the mobile phone mast.

Pity the white wood anemones were not as plentiful as in the past.

Please let us know when the blue bells are in bloom. Again your photos would be appreciated.

Update (24 April) : The bluebells are in full bloom in the last few days and are simply magical. The streaks of sunlight on the blue carpet adds to the effect.  Visit the woods, smell the scent and enjoy a stroll before this splendid display ends. It is free too.


There were several woodpeckers in Henry Woods. However there were no signs of these birds for many months. If anyone spots or hears them, please let us know.

Friends of Moneyhole – striving for a cleaner, safer & inclusive park

Moneyhole April Update


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Moneyhole FeteSat 23 April 10 am – 2 pm

Countdown to Easter Saturday’s fete has started.
This year’s programme has 4 displays and 3 pet competitions.
Toilets and refreshments for sale are kindly made available by PFC again.
Stall space is still available but more volunteers are wanted.
Please help to publicise the event by putting a poster up in your school / organisation or leafleting your neighbourhood.  The poster and flyer are attached. Email me for streets leafleted.
Entry is free and programmes are £1 each.
Proceeds go to the Guide Dogs and Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital Trust, this year’s chosen charities.
The winning and runners up poster logo designs by Commonswood pupils are displayed on the Moneyhole noticeboard.

Hope you can come and support us again.

Lost and found – a dog lead was found last week.

Nature Trail - Wyton to Stirling Way
Wood chips were relaid by 4 UoH postgraduates in February and last month by Finesse’s contractors when tree maintenance was carried out. Appreciations were expressed by park users.

Neighbourhood Watch (NW) – A leaflet will be distributed by the PCSO Cooper to invite residents in Russett House, Russettwood, Glenwood and Dalewood to start a NW scheme. This is a great way for the community to make the neighbourhood safer. A high take up rate will make it work.

Community Picnic in the Park - A Royal Wedding Community Picnic in the Park on Fri 29 April was suggested by a resident. Bring your own picnic and share the happy occasion with others. If you are interested or can help to organise this, please contact Jonathan Stratton. His email is Sadly B-B-Q’s are not permitted in the park.

Dog Bina new dog bin was installed recently courtesy of the Panshanger Community Chest Fund. Moneyhole is now better served with more litter and dog bins. Thanks to the kind souls who collect litter on the quiet, Moneyhole is much cleaner.

Litter Issues/Bin emptying
Park litter issues, flytiping or if the bins need emptying please contact :

Dog Bins  – WHBC . Email or Carol Simpson on; Telephone 01707 357000

Litter Bins / Litter issues – Finesse Leisure. Email Andy Carr on or call 01707 276 276

Please forward this email to friends, neighbours or colleagues.

Friends of Moneyhole – striving for a cleaner, safer & inclusive park