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Nature Trail improvements: Newsletter 3.

We have produced a 3rd newsletter documenting all the work on the nature trail to date. There has been a lot of hard work, carried out by a dedicated team of volunteers, with TK  leading from the front by example. Download the newsletter below:

Nature Trail newsletter#3

Most importantly please remember  the inaugural walk around the Park at 3 pm. Meet by the Notice Board. This is an informal walk.

Dress your dog in Fancy Dress. Judging is at 4 pm.

Everyone is welcome, no dog required!


On Friday 24th July  a group from FoM met with Grant Shapps MP and two of our councillors to raise questions and concerns about Moneyhole Lane park. We discussed three themes around Safety, Cleanliness and Inclusivity. It was a productive meeting which produced actions which will enable us to take forward a plan to address the issues under the spotlight. The meeting was positive and a cooperative spirit was clearly evident.

More details will appear here soon.

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