Autumn Roundup


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Nature Watch

  • Foxes -
    • A Westcott resident emailed to say a fox follows them regularly along the road when they walk the dogs.
    • A Harding resident said that a neighbour’s rabbit was attacked in the garden in the past.
  • Rabbits, Muntjacs and Woodpeckers – Unusually no sightings were reported this year.
  • Birds survey – we are interested to find out the variety of birds that visit Moneyhole Park, woods and our local gardens. Do tell us what birds you have seen this year.
  • Mushrooms -There are many fungi sprouting in the park and woods. Does anyone know someone knowledgeable on the subject to lead a small group on a fungi walk in the Autumn?
  • Bluish flatcap Unknown - Ink cap?Unknown - 1?Fungus Henry Woods 31Aug11

Nature Trail (NT) Repairs

Mark May is again donating more woodchips for the Nature Trail. Email us if you can help over the next few weeks.  Please visit this site for updates on the next NT repair dates.

Panhanger House Dowsing cancelled – Sadly the landowner has declined permission to the Hertfordshire Dowsing group. Email us for their other dowsing trips or events.

Multi-Activity Playarea – exposed concrete at the base of the tunnel slide were reported by a mother and grandmother in March, May & August 2011 to Finesse. Please see the reply from Carol Rigsby (WHBC) dated 22 August 2011.

Dear Mrs Smith

Thank you for your email received today, 22 August 2011. We take all complaints very seriously and those referring to safety are given priority. I would like to assure you that Finesse Leisure responded to the complaint made in March 2011, I replied to Mrs Rose on 21 March 2011 and Emily Nicholls from Finesse followed this up on 11 May with an email confirming the inspections and the additional raking of the wood chip flooring were being continued.

Please see the following comment from Finesse following my enquiry today:

“In March 2011 we received a complaint about the play area at MHL and some exposed concrete below the main slide.  At the time Andy removed a large section of concrete that had been exposed by the constant wear and redistributed the woodchip to ensure there was enough covering the area and the slide foundations that he could/should not remove.

All the play areas are checked on a (working day) daily basis through the school holidays and on a twice weekly in term time, as part of the inspection the areas in the photographs are raked over and covered with a suitable amount of wood chip. The constant wear over the weekend has revealed some thin slithers of concrete that were attached to the rubber crumb that was in the original play area, Andy has removed these and redistributed the wood chip to cover the rubber crumb, he has also arranged for a top up of woodchip to the area to ensure the areas are covered at all times.”

In addition the site will also be checked by the Council’s play area supervisor and myself on a regular basis over the next few weeks to ensure the problem is fully resolved.

Yours sincerely

Carol Rigby

Head of Leisure and Community Services

01707 357114


Please be vigilant when using the play areas and report further concerns to Emily Nicholls  (Finesse) or Carol Rigsby (WHBC).

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