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Posted by The Park Keeper | Posted in Nature Trail Improvements | Posted on 16-07-2009

Work has started to create an all season path for this mile long walk along the tree belt that runs around the perimeter of the Park. A senior resident at an early friends meeting suggested putting wood chippings on the path. Sections of the path get very muddy on wet days especially during the winter months. Over the years the rising tree roots have also deterred those with mobility issues from enjoying this walk. It was agreed that it was sensible to try to improve some of these sections before spreading wood chips over the path.

A resident decided to make this request a reality. As no budget was forthcoming from WHBC, he got a donation of 20 tonnes of scrapings from Lafarge for this community project. Hertfordshire Probation Services agreed to provide a Community Payback team for two days and the funding for the Probation supervisor came from Finesse.

Time Line

May     Secured contributions from Lafarge, Finesse and Probation Services.

June   16 June                      Lafarge delivered the scrapings

30 June          Finesse moved scrapings to park entrances.

July     02 July                        Ground work to move scrapings over affected areas started.

Wyton to Martlesham entrances. Scrapings along this stretch have been tamped down, covering roots and dips. Positive comments from park users have being encouraging.

Further sections bordering the woods and along the path near Birchall Farm are laid but not bedded down.  We ran out of time for the day.  Please bear with us till the work is done.

09 July                        Community Payback team to resume work along the Birchall Farm path, exposing good sections of POW path where feasible.

16 July            (TBA)   Wood chippings – the spreading of wood chippings over the path, except the POW sections. We can start this task sooner if enough volunteers come forward.

See the picture gallery for pictures of the progress so far!

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