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Posted by Coordinator | Posted in General Information, Nature Watch | Posted on 10-04-2011

Red Kites

A pair of red kites have taken up residence around Panshanger. Park users reported seeing these magnificent birds over Moneyhole Park, the Panshanger Airfield and over the Mimram Valley. It is thought they are nesting on Lafarge’s Panshanger Park estate.

They were last spotted on Friday 8th April over the Moneyhole Park. Do send us your photos to share.

Update (24 April) : Paul O’ Rouke spotted the 2 kites over Panshanger Golf course on Sunday 17 April. Please send in your sightings.

Update (06May) : Resident spotted one red kite hovering over woods in Lafarge Panshanger Park around 2pm.

Blue Bells

Blue bells in Birchall Woods and Henry Woods are due to bloom imminently. It should be a very good display again this year. Aim for the woods near the mobile phone mast.

Pity the white wood anemones were not as plentiful as in the past.

Please let us know when the blue bells are in bloom. Again your photos would be appreciated.

Update (24 April) : The bluebells are in full bloom in the last few days and are simply magical. The streaks of sunlight on the blue carpet adds to the effect.  Visit the woods, smell the scent and enjoy a stroll before this splendid display ends. It is free too.


There were several woodpeckers in Henry Woods. However there were no signs of these birds for many months. If anyone spots or hears them, please let us know.

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Hi Paul
Thank you for sharing this us. Love to know what their range is. Please keep us posted.

Hi there,

Just read the above on red kite and thought I should let you know that I spotted 2 red kites last Sunday the 17th April over the Panshanger golf course – hole 16.

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