Question about a Cafe and Toilets in the park


Posted by The Park Keeper | Posted in General Information | Posted on 02-05-2010

Just a brief note, we recently received a message through the contact form on the website from a lady called Natalia.  She did not include her email address so we could not reply directly.

However, the answer to the questions is that there is no Cafe at the park unfortunately. Similarly there are no public toilets either. There are toilets in the pavilion but they would usually only be available to members of the football club. Friends of Moneyhole are all for providing such  facilities, but so far we have been unsuccessful in our attempts to lobby the council and it’s councillors with regard  to improving the facilities in  the park, by any significant measure.  We have been successful in getting more litter bins and a few more benches installed, but that’s small fry compared to toilets and a Cafe.  We will continue to ask for more facilities at the park however.

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Just to advise on Sunday am lots of runners met together at Moneyhole to begin their jog at 8.30am and I witnessed one using the bushes around the football clubhouse as a toilet. This was not a child caught short but an adult male with his shorts around his ankles!

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