FoM 26 March minutes


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FoM were very disappointed when neither Cllr Roger Trigg or Cllr Darren Bennett attended the meeting to address the outstanding action points they promised at the February meeting. FoM were equally disappointed with the WHBC recommendations as they failed to address fully the issues or provide  immediate relief to the ASB victims.

Nevertheless we proposes 3 recommendations on the temporary CCTVs:

  1. The  CCTV is operational over the summer school holidays when the ASB is at its peak.
  2. The Council add a decibel meter with data recording to show the true level of disturbance. This would neither infringe the perpetrator’s rights nor the WHBC policy.
  3. Choose the correct CCTV locations

Good news – 3 street lamps in Moneyhole car park were finally repaired on Friday 26 Mar after being dark for 13 years! One resident reported being quite overwhelmed on seeing the car park lit up after so many years. The number of car park ASB incidents reported fell the following two weeks. It took 4 months of persistence by FoM to finally get someone to accept ownership to take action. The problem was passed between HCC, WHBC and Finesse. The faults had to be re-logged several times. If any light fails, please report it to Finesse.

Please read the 23 March minutes with the Council’s chief executive and FoM 26 March minutes.

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