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Posted by Coordinator | Posted in Anti Social Behaviour ASB, Campaign | Posted on 14-04-2010

The 25 March SOSC meeting on the residents petition for a security barrier was first the council, and the strangest, meeting some of us ever attended.

Not only were the  car ASB issues unsolved, they cast aspersions  on the victims claims and denigrated the FoM group, who supported their petition.

Background – Many residents complained of ASB at Moneyhole car park going back years. The police,  Cllr  Bennett and Cllr Trigg, our local ward councillors, attended most of these FoM meetings. Yet little was done. The  victims were blamed for not calling the police. When police are called no one is caught or prosecuted.  This does not encourage victims to call again. As a result FoM started a campaign last year to petition for a night time barrier (£12,000) which was suggested by the residents.

The SOSC committee met on 25 March but failed to deal with the underlying issue. They voted in the Council’s recommendation of temporary CCTVs to verify the victims claims. If proven the Council may put in humps next year! The humps do not solve all the car ASB and creates other issues.

Why do the years of ASB reported, and still being reported, not count? (See FoM ASB 06Mar10 minutes and ASB Incident Log.)

Meanwhile, whilst the authorities obfuscates, the victims continue to suffer.

The authorities  let the residents  down by :

  • Supporting  a 24/7 park users rights over the residents rights to sleep
  • Failing to acknowledge the ASB goes back 14 + years
  • Failing to represent the residents case properly
  • Failing residents in denying them their right to sleep or peaceful enjoyment of their homes
  • Failing to meet or consult residents affected
  • Dismissing their ASB problems as perceived
  • Dismissing the residents’ barrier proposal without proper investigation or consultation. (See SOSC report or FoM rebuttal )

Then again why should anyone be  surprised when Cllr Trigg  issued these recommendations a week before the meeting!

The SOSC can only vote one way as no real debate was allowed.

The victims seem to be totally ignored and their opinion means little to those who purportedly meant to represent and protect them as servants of the people, which is their job

Not local democracy’s finest hour.

Message received loud and clear.

Every resident should consider what action they can and wish take.

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