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While we aim to be positive about our park in the main, like many things in life it’s not all roses. This is just a short post to bring people up to date with the less savoury activities that have been going on at  park very recently.

  • Several cars were causing a nuisance in Moneyhole car park one evening (reported to the Police).
  • Lead flashing stolen from Russett House – Friday 5th March (reported to the Police, a crime most likely committed via easy access from the Park).
  • Gangs of girls screaming in the park after midnight on Saturday 06th March  morning.
  • Four flytipped carpets, underlay & rubbish at one end of the car park overnight Saturday 6th March – reported to WHBC via www.fixmystreet.com
  • Five dumped builders tubs in another bay at a middle section of car park.

All of the above clearly shows ongoing incidents at the park, despite a reluctance on the part of many authorities to accept the fact. This is why FoM continues to call for action to improve park security and reduce anti-social behaviour. The last set of data collated by FoM a few weeks ago showed:

41 incidents were reported between 21 Nov 09 to 28 Feb 10.

  • 54% were car related.
  • 15% were motorcycle related.
  • 3 dog related.
  • There was also a flytipped mattress!

The hope is that by highlighting these negative points the powers that be might start seeking to address them in a constructive and pro-active way.

To end on lighter note below is a picture taken in the park as the low winter sun was sinking toward the horizon. The photo doesn’t do the scene justice, but you can see that even in the winter there are lovely vista’s to be had at the park.

Sunset over Moneyhole park

Sunset over Moneyhole park

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