2010 Dates & New Year Greetings


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A note on a few dates in the New Year for your diary.

  • Barrier Petition Meeting -Sat 06 Mar 10am Venue – Roseacre Gardens Resident Lounge. Please attend to tell Cllr Trigg, SOSC Cllrs and Council Officers to these long standing ASB issues before the crucial SOSC vote on 25 March
  • FoM meeting Fri 26 Mar 7pm. Venue – Barndicott Community Hall, Barndicott, Watchlytes, off Moors Walk
  • Moneyhole Green Flag Development Plan -March. Day & venue  to be agreed. Meeting with Finesse to agree the future improvements from FoM Wish List. This is a concession won by FoM at 16 Nov meeting.*
  • Fete – Sat 10 Apr 10am-3pm Venue: Moneyhole Park. A mini-fete organised by Nicky Higgs, Dog Warden for National Pet Month
  • Picnic in the Park – Sat 03 July 4pm Annual picnic event. Bring your own picnic and something to sit on. Enjoy the park with friends and neighbours.

* Please email if you can & like to attend. Everyone is welcome.

As the year draws to a close. It is time for a brief stock take of the year.

Since FoM, started a year back,  we have:

  • a Nature Trail walk made safer with gravel and wood chippings
  • Wyton muddy entrance made good over winter and wet days
  • an extra and better sited dog bins
  • 3 responsible dog awareness days in July
  • a cleaner park and woods with kind park users helping to keep litter at bay
  • an extra bin emptying schedule to twice weekly
  • a notice board and signs
  • a new path to the Pavilion entrance
  • tidied up the shrubs around Pavilion with help from PFC mums and kids
  • tree maintenance carried out between Wyton & Martlesham by Finesse
  • a promise of 6 benches and 10 litter bins by January 2010
  • 4 new dog fouling and anti litter signs erected. A promise of more to follow.
  • a park safety and security group created
  • started a cross agency youth engagement group of Youth Connexion, Child UK, Police, WHBC & HCC
  • started a campaign for an automatic security barrier to reduce car related ASB
  • agreement by Finesse and WHBC to engage with residents for Park future improvements
  • agreement by WHBC to consult FoM on the car park and access safety. Chris Brandon kindly agreed to represent FoM
  • engagement by Panshanger Police on local ASB issues and park security
  • a forum for park users and residents
  • this website – our thanks to Will Davis

On the flipside

  • Tennis Court – We lost the use of our only tennis court when the damaged tennis wall was demolished. Despite assurances from Cllr Trigg it seems that this will not be replaced. Please pursue this with Cllr Trigg, Mike Barlow, Head of Finesse and Mike Storey, Head of Premises.
  • Finesse & Council – we need to work harder on our relationship with both to improve their delivery and  for a fairer share of budgets. There is a reluctance to accept responsibilities and ownership of issues. The passing of the buck between them is wearing and test even the patience of Jove!
  • Community Hall  – we do not have a local hall to meet. This must be an aspiration. Everyone should raise it with their Councillors and Council whenever possible. WHBC should build the residents and park users an equivalent hall as they did for the football club. This is a long term objective for Panshanger. Panshanger Community Hall lies in the Haldens Ward according to Cllr Sara Johnson, the ward councillor.
  • Committee – we need to have a committee for this fast growing group. The number of issues are now beyond the very small number volunteers to handle effectively. Email us if you can assist.

The goals for 2010

  • to press for a more equitable budget (we have under a ninth of KGV’s annual budget)
  • to improve the park cleanliness
  • to reduce the park related ASB especially in the summer months
  • to improve park safety

As Moneyhole Friends is only a fledgling group, we hope that more park users and residents will join us in 2010 to improve and maintain this great local recreational park for everyone. Together we can make better things happen.  Please spread the word.

Winter snow – The woodland walks and the park were beautiful with the snow last week up to 23rd Dec. Hope everyone managed go out and enjoyed the moment.

Hoped everyone had a very Happy Christmas and Happy New Year for 2010.

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