Merry Christmas & December Roundup


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Moneyhole Park’s popularity increases year on year. We have seen a marked increased in folks from far and wide enjoying Moneyhole and the surrounding woods.

A brief roundup on Moneyhole

1 Nature Trail

FOM secured two lots of funding from the HCC  Locality fund to repair and improve the Nature Trail walk around Moneyhole. Phase 2 was completed in Spring including the muddy intersection at the allotments, Birchall Farm causeway and Moneyhole POW path entrance. This was finally made fit for all season use. Finesse and WHBC do not seem to have a budget for Moneyhole footpaths. FOM’s efforts by  its few kind and dedicated volunteers improved this path over the last 9 years. Please email your Panshanger and Haldens HCC & WHBC councillors for funding for Phase 3 and future repairs and cc us at

2 Dog and Litter Bins

Sadly several bins were vandalised during the year. The Wyton entrance dog bin was replaced 2 weeks back. Please report damaged bins and acts of vandalism to  WHBC or Finesse.

Finesse will be installing  another dog bin in the park. Hopefully this will benefit those dog owners who never use dog bins before.  We live in hope.

To request dog/litter bins for your street and neighbourhood, email Debbie Wattts – to be placed on the waiting list.  Unless you ask, WHBC do not as a rule, install these. Several bins installed in recent years in Panshanger and Moneyhole were requested by yours truly. Nothing happens unless you ask.

3 Panshanger Park

Great news! The long awaited Western route into Panshanger Park is finally opened. You can now access the whole of Panshanger Park from Moneyhole through Henry Woods. A victory for Friends of Panshanger Park and the many local WGC supporters.

Wear wellies and sensible walking boots as sections are muddy in winter. Please keep dogs on leads where sheep are grazing. There were two nasty attacks by uncontrolled dogs this year. Click on map to enlarge.

3 Park Angels

Once again, a big thank you to all you Park Angels who pick up litter and dog mess quietly and  regularly. Many park users are unaware that park wardens do not pick litter on the playing fields, footpaths and in the woods.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.











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