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There are proposed changes to the management of Moneyhole Park relating to Panshanger Football Club. The park and pavilion has been the home of PFC for many years they have a lease agreement with the council. Finesse of course manage the park.
This coming Monday the council will debate a change to this and likely approve a new arrangement with PFC where they manage the pavilion and possibly more of the park. The details of this, and what it may mean is unknown. The council’s statement about it is unclear and explains nothing about what the new agreement will allow. Will other groups be able to access the pavilion facilities if the club is not using it? Will the toilets opened up if there are events at Moneyhole?  Could charges be introduced?
The first line of the statement below implies that PFC will have occupation and use of the park as a whole, what are the implications of this for park users?
Nobody wants to curtail the great work that PFC does, it’s a great community asset, but others also use the park, and it’s funded/maintained by the council currently. If this asset is to be given over, in part or in whole, then residents should have the opportunity to know what’s being proposed and how it might affect them. Bearing in mind the costly mistakes made at KGV park not long ago it seems prudent to ask more questions about this plan, before the die is cast. If you are interested in hearing this matter debated on Monday evening please attend. Questions about it can be be asked but they must be submitted by 5pm on the 22nd April They can be sent by email to
The council meeting will held in the Mundells location:
25/04/2016 7:30pm    
Council    Cypress Room,Salvation House, 2 Sterling Court
Welwyn Garden City

Statement about the proposed change of management from WHBC:
WELWYN HATFIELD COUNCIL COUNCIL – 25 APRIL 2016 Recommendation from the Cabinet on 2 March 2016:- Grant of a Management Agreement to the Panshanger Football Club for Occupation and Use of the Moneyhole Lane Park The Cabinet considered the grant of a management agreement to enable the football club to manage the pavilion and its community activities and events on behalf of the Council. The Cabinet agreed that all payments and obligations due from the current lessee of the pavilion under the lease be written off in full at the point of termination of the lease to enable it to be formally surrendered back to the Council. Delegated authority was given to the Head of Policy and Culture, in consultation with the Executive Member, Policy and Culture, to complete negotiations with representatives of the Panshanger Football Club leading to the formation of a management agreement between the Club and the Council. An exception to the Council’s Contract Procedure Rules was approved to enable nominated representatives of the Panshanger Football Club to sign an agreement to manage the pavilion on behalf of the Council, rather than it being put to the market to determine if others were interested in managing it because whilst the lease was currently vested in the sole name of a lessee, the Club was in occupation of the pavilion and had used it as their operating base for almost thirty years. The Cabinet RECOMMENDS the Council to approve up to £43,000 in capital growth to carry out the necessary works to bring the pavilion up to a standard which fully complied with all legal requirements including the installation of a new boiler and water heating system for the pavilion and a new lighting system within the main hall. The Cabinet RECOMMENDS the Council to approve an additional £8,200 per annum in ongoing revenue growth to meet all ongoing repair and maintenance costs associated with keeping the pavilion in good operational order. The Cabinet RECOMMENDS the Council to approve revenue growth to cover the business rate of £12,571 per annum as the discretionary rate relief currently in place would be removed, the current building insurance premium of £839.52 per annum and an estimation of utilities costs of £3,000 per annum.

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