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Currently there is a plan to place advertising hoardings on most of the roundabouts in our area. Both large roundabouts and small ones,  such as the the juntions of Lincoln Close and Lysander way.

Our area is of course fairly green and pleasant, will advertising on all our roundabouts add or detract from that?

The public have the opportunity to comment on these objections until the end of August. The locations and links are below. You can add your view by clicking the comment link at the bottom of each application.  If people don’t object in enough numbers to each application it’s pretty certain that it will happen.

You could also email a councillor and ask them for support, their addresses are:  Putting a comment yourself on the applications is likely to be more effective however.

Below are the application details. If you feel inclined to keep Panshanger advertising free, you are encouraged to comment.

N6/2012/1457/AD              :Roundabout at junction of Bericot Way/Lysander Way and Lincoln Close

N6/2012/1458/AD              :Roundabout at junction of Sylvan Way/Moors Walk and Russett Wood

N6/2012/1467/AD              :Roundabout at junction of Sylvan Way/ Bericot Way and Wellington Drive

N6/2012/1468/AD              :Roundabout at junction of Tempsford/Sylvan Way and Shackleton Way

N6/2012/1469/AD:             Roundabout at junction of Mundells and The Boulevard

N6/2012/1470/AD             :Roundabout at junction of Herns Lane and Moors Walk

N6/2012/1471/AD              :Junction of Blackfan Road, Cypress Avenue and Sylvan Way

N6/2012/1477/AD              :Roundabout at junction of Sylvan Way, Birchall Wood and Forresters Drive

N6/2012/1481/AD              :Roundabout at junction of Shackleton Way and Waterbeach

N6/2012/1482/AD              :Roundabout at junction with Bericot Way, Douglas Way and Rivenhall End

N6/2012/1484/AD              :Roundabout at junction with Panshanger Drive and Black Fan Road

N6/2012/1485/AD              :Roundabout at junction with Bessemer Road and Shire Park

N6/2012/1486/AD              :Roundabout at junction of Waterside and Mundells

N6/2012/1487/AD              :Roundabout at junction with Moorswalk and Hardings

There is another article on the subject here:

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