December 2015 Newsletter


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December Newsletter 2015

What an unseasonably mild but wet winter so far. It’s that time of the year to take stock.

WHBC Green Chain Link – FoM attended the Local Plan Green Chain Workshop on 07 July to create an East West green chain link for walkers and wildlife.

Proposed Green Chain Link

FoM’s key responses were:

  • 1 Strategic Green Infrastructure link – TheFriends of Moneyhole Park (FoM) welcome and support the proposal to create a Green Chain link from the West ( Stanborough)  to the East via Green Lane (POW path), Moneyhole Park and Panshanger Park. This will fill the gap in the town.
  • 2 Eastern Green Link – This proposal  formalises the current public rights of way.
  • 3 Lafarge Additional SE Green Link – In principle, we support a Lafarge’s proposal for another additional Green Link path from Commons Woods through their land to Panshanger Park via Birchall Farm and Woods subject to their plans.
  • 4 Northern Green Link is missing from the consultation proposal. There should be a Northern route from Moneyhole Park to Tewin and Welwyn North. There are current rights of way and existing footpaths to these villages.
  • 5 Mimram Valley Green Chain Link - Another route is missed off the consultation plan.
  • 6 Moneyhole Park – Panshanger Park link – FoM has already secured agreement and funding to improve the Nature Trail around Moneyhole Park. See below

Nature Trail (NT) – FoM obtained 2 tranches of HCC Community funds for repairs to the paths.

  • Phase 1 Competed early October 2015  £2000 from the 2014/15 HCC Community Fund was given for emergency repairs to badly damaged sections along Birchall Farm & Wyton NT.  Scrappings (stone chippings) were laid in the worst affected sections. Wood chips were used on some sections over the foundations laid by FoM volunteers in the 2009.
  • Phase 2 Start Date TBA  £1500 was given from the 2015/16 HCC Community Fund. Finesse will advise FoM the start date in the new year. The PoW Green Lane/Causeway/Allotment/Moneyhole muddy junction is part of Phase 2 repairs. The white tree markings of 2, 21, 22 etc denote the sections to be improved.
  • Volunteers – Can you spare a couple of hours to help spread the remaining wood chips?  Finesse  is very short staff. Bring a friend or two. Email .
  • The original FoM request for an all weather path like KGV Playing Fields is still our ultimate aim.

New extended carpark – FoM welcome the long awaited promised car park extension completed on 11 Dec 15. 27 new spaces were added.

New noticeboard – We welcome any community posters, notices or news. Lost and found messages can be posted too. The old damaged noticeboard has yet to be removed by Finesse. Ideas for re-use are welcomed.

Park Maintenance - Neil Stevens is the maintenance supervisor. Please contact Neil  ( on maintenance issues around the park including fallen trees, branches, broken benches or other park furniture.

Park Angels -Huge thanks once again to the unsung park angels picking litter in the park & woods for several years.

Dog & Litter Bins – An additional dog bin was installed this year by the play area. Our thanks goes to the folks who diligently empty the dog and litter bins for us. Do report any overflowing bins to Serco and Finesse for action. See emails at the end.

Branches & sticks – Dogs love them but sadly damage the expensive mower blades. Finesse has kindly asked dog owners not to leave sticks and branches behind in the park.

Arson – A noticeable rise this year in small fires started in park and woods. Usually over the Spring and Summer holidays. Luckily, only one small patch of Henry Woods suffered serious damage. Please report  any suspicious fires immediately to the police and fire services.

Trail Bikes – Sadly these bikers pose a danger to walkers, dogs and children in the woods and park. Please call 101 immediately to apprehend these offenders. Damage to the footpaths were partly caused by these bikers in the wet months.

Benches – two broken benches were repaired this summer. Kindly report any acts of vandalism to the police and Neil Stevens of Finesse. Copy FoM so that we can monitor the progress.

Friends of Panshanger Park (FoPP) AGM was held on 17 November. It was a great turnout. There are ongoing discussions with Tarmac to link the Eastern route to the West. Access to the famous Panshanger Oak was granted this year but only from the Western route. Visit Email

Friends of the Mimram – their aim is to protect and improve the River Mimram, one of the world’s 200 rare chalk streams. To volunteer, visit

Panshanger People (PP)- Visit  PP website for more update and information –  Their contact email –

Panshanger Community News – Email us if you have any local news or community events.

Park Photos – send us your park photos to share.



Follow us Twitter @moneyholepark                   

Email –

FoM website administrator and organiser – can you help to run the Community Newsletter and/or the website updates? Ideas and volunteers are wanted.

Useful emails

Jubilee Picnic in the Park


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Jubilee Picnic in the Park

Join us on Bank Holiday Monday 04 June from 12 – 3 pm. Bring your own picnic, chairs, rugs or gazebo. Dress up if you wish.
Please leave your dogs at home and sorry no BBQs. Come on foot as there is limited parking. Do come with your family, friends and neighbours. Make this a memorable day. We are raising funds for Help for Heros and the local Jubilee Care Trust.

Email if you can help on the day.

Nature Watch

Steven kindly send us photos taken recently of a fox visiting Russet House grounds from Moneyhole.

Bluebells – the display is just gone past their best. Hope you managed to see this year’s show despite the inclement weather. The bluebells are speading from Birchall Wood to Henry Woods which is good news. Send us your photos.








Woodland walk – Birchall Farm’s rapeseed crop is in full bloom at the moment. The vibrant yellow carpet is quite spectacular in the sunshine.








Field Mice – These beautiful tiny creatures have been spotted in gardens around the Park.
Garden birds – recent visitors are wagtails, robins, various tits and collared doves.

Nature Trail

The recent rain, bicycles and trail bikes have taken their toll on several sections of the NT footpaths. Email us if you can help to relay wood chips when the weather improves.

Trail bikes

After a couple months of hiatus, the bikers are back churning up the footpaths. Please call the Police on 101 as they are a danger to park users and dogs.

Friends of Moneyhole – striving for a cleaner, safer & inclusive park

2011 December Newsletter


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As 2011 draws to a close, this is a summary of the events and highlights of the year.

Easter Fete 23 April – This year’s fete was held on one of the hottest Easter Saturday seen for many years. We had a wonderful turnout of residents, families and dog owners. There were more stalls, inflatable slides and competitions. £418 was raised for the Guide Dogs and St Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital. Our sincere thanks to the volunteers, stall holders, sponsor and visitors for making this another success fete.

Nature Trail (NT) – the mile long nature trail has been repaired and overhanging branches cut back by kind, dedicated volunteers several times this year.

  • Sat 19 Feb – Four UoH MBA students – Dominic, Luke, Mo & Peter braved the rain to kick off the first repair along Stirling Way and Leysdown.
  • Sun 12 June – The May family (Mark, Linda, Erin), Lyn and Zulfigar Ahmed relaid half of the Birchall Farm section.
  • Fri 12 Aug – Nick, Janet, Sarah and Colin spread 2 tons of wood chips along the Birchall Farm stretch.
  • Sun 21 Aug – Mark, Linda, Erin and Ray completed the Birchall Farm path and started the Henry Woods section.
  • Fri 14 Oct – Ray & Margot continued the work along Henry Woods.
  • Sat 15 Oct – Keith, Valerie, Linda, Erin & Mark completed Henry Woods and half of the Wyton to Leydown stretch. Over 4 tons were spread.

We like to thank all the volunteers who re-laid the wood chips along the Nature Trail. Our gratitude also goes to Mark May, a local tree surgeon (07725 415209),who kindly donated all the wood chips. We shall start again in the New Year to continue the work by these wonderful volunteers. Please email us if you can spare an hour or two to maintain this all season  footpath around Moneyhole.

Nature Watch – A pair of red kites nesting by the Lafarge estate were spotted throughout summer. They were last seen on Monday 02 Dec.

  • Bird Survey – jays, wrens, robins, collared doves, wood pidgeons, blue tits, great tits, sparrows, starlings, blackbirds, magpies, woodpeckers, red kites, seagulls were seen.
  • Foxes – Many fox sightings were reported this year. More fox droppings were seen this year on the fields pointing to a likely rise in numbers.
  • Rabbit – my first sighting of a rabbit this year in Henry Woods on 20 Dec.
  • Fungi Walks – Tree Wardens organise two woodland fungi walks in Sherrardwoods each Autumn. They will consider a similar walk in Moneyhole if there is sufficent demand. A small charge is levied to raise funds for trees conservation. Please email to express your interest.

Picnic in the Park Sat 02 July – This was our 6th annual picnic for all park users and residents.

Park Angels – Moneyhole and the surrounding woods are much cleaner year on year thanks to the constant efforts of the park angels. These kind residents and park users pick litter on the quiet. Once again big thank you from the community.

Finesse carry out litter pick by the carpark and playareas.

Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) – the number of ASB reported have fallen this year. This is positive news and a step in the right direction.

  • Replacement fence – After many years, a broken fence was finally re-erected between Moneyhole Park and Russett House in Spring thanks to Steven Seager’s months of persistence. This should help to deter ASB trespassers plaguing nearby residents.
  • Trail and Quad bikers – Unlicenced bikers are still causing a nuisance riding along footpaths, woods and the park. Do call the police on 101 for immediate action to prevent accidents to walkers, dogs and children. A trail biker was apprehended in last month after being reported.
  • Unprovoked Attack – a couple’s night out ends in violent attack near Moneyhole entrance made WHTimes’ front page news on 14 Sep.  The attack happened on 10 Sep shortly after the local street lights are switched off at midnight. Please pass any information of the attackers to the police.

Dog & Litter Bins -

  • A dog bin was added in the middle of the park courtesy of the local Community Fund.
  • The offer of another dog bin was swapped for two litter bins along Bericot Way and by the Bericot Way/Lincoln Way footpath junction.
  • Overflowing bins – email or,

Health & Safety

  • Tunnel slide (Multi Activity Area) – the exposed concrete blocks at the slide base were reported to Finesse and WHBC in early Spring by Mrs Smith and Mrs Rose. This issue was finally resolved and fresh wood chips relaid by 22 August.
  • Dead trees – the dead trees in a cluster and few along the Nature Trail were removed by Finesse.
  • Please contact Finesse or WHBC if you spot any H&S issues.

Other Neighbourhood Issues

  • Litter & Pot Holes – In February, Cllr Sara Johnston came on the FoM’s inspection tour of nearby streets. WHBC was galvanised to remove the worse of the flytipping and accumulated litter in the tree belts along Sylvan Way, Moors Walk and Panshanger Drive.
  • Bericot Way & Sylvan Way -  The frost damaged pot holes along these roads previously reported by FoM were also temporarily patched up after Cllr Johnston kindly chased these up. Our grateful thanks go to Cllr Johnson. New pot holes have since reappeared and now require attention. If more residents do report these, then Hertfordshire Highway may be more inclined to act. See contact website below.
  • Black Fan Road - The various pot holes reported were eventually patched.
  • Panshanger Drive – Numerous dangerous sections of footpath were repaired this year when reported to Mid Herts Highways. Fallen Autumn leaves,which tend to become mushy and slipperry underfoot, were also cleared recently along this stretch.

Next Year

  • Queen Diamond Jubilee fete 04 June 12 – A possible event when we find a sponsor and partner. Participants  and stall holders please contact us to express your interest . Help us to make this a truly memorable day. Email us on
  • Nature Trail (NT) repairs – We will resume when we get another donation of wood chips.

Useful numbers and website

  • New Police non emergency number – 101. This is a flat rate charge of 15p. Remember to ask for a unique reference number (URN).
  • WHBC Contact Centre – email litter issues, bin requests;  tel: 01707 357000
  • Finesse Leisure – email for all park related issues .
  • – an excellent site to reporting local faults, litter and issues to WHBC and Herts CC. Moneyhole Park post code is AL7 2RT. Highlight the spot on the map. Broken glass on pavement, flytipping and litter have been resolved previously.
  • – for Highway related faults like pot holes and damaged pavements -

The authorities are fairly prompt in dealing with reported issues but only if you report them. With some, perseverance pays.

Lastly we like to thank everyone who supported the Moneyhole Park community throughout the year.

Wishing everyone A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

Friends of Moneyhole – striving for a cleaner, safer & inclusive park

Email :

Summer Newsletter


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Nature Trail repairs - If you use the nature trail and can spare 2 hours to spread wood chips on the path, please come an give us a hand. We meet at the far end by the mobile mast on the following dates.

  • Friday 12 Aug - 10 am to noon :  To complete the final section of Birchall Farm side of Moneyhole Nature Trail
  • Sun 21 Aug – 10 am to noon : Henry Woods side (top right of Moneyhole Park)
  • Email :

Please bring a rake, barrow and spade if possible. The wood chips were kindly donated by Mark May, a local tree surgeon.

Trail Bikes - As it is the Summer school holidays we expect more families and park users will enjoy Moneyhole Park and the woods. Do be vigilant of trail bikes. Please report any sighting to the Police for their immediate action.

Blood Donor Programme – the Royal Veterinary College (RVC), Brooksman Park, held a Blood Donor Programme evening on Thursday 30 June. It gave a fascinating insight into how dog’s blood donated is processed and used in the various types of transfusion. A case study was on onion poisoning that caused severe anemia. It ended with a tour of the new state of the art Queen Mother Hospital. The donor dogs come as far as London, Bedfordshire and Essex.  Cats are also welcome as donors.

If you are interested to find out more, please contact or ring 01707 666 511.

Nature Watch -

  • Red Kites – A pair was spotted on 3 July around 5.30pm circling Lincoln Close before disappearing towards Panshanger Airfield.
  • Foxes -  It seems that there is more than one  established colony around Panshanger. Many thanks to everyone who wrote in.

Dowsing - The Hertfordshire Dowsing group has yet to finalise the visit to a site near Panshanger.

Events or news – if you have any events or news to share, do email us.

Useful numbers and websites – we will publish useful numbers or websites periodically here.

  • New Police non emergency number – 101. Remember to ask for a unique reference number (URN).
  • – an excellent site to reporting local faults, litter and issues to WHBC and Herts CC. Moneyhole Park post code is AL7 2RT. Highlight the spot on the map. Broken broken glass on pavement, flytipping and litter were resolved in the past.
  • – for Highway related faults like pot holes and damaged pavements –
  • WHBC contact centre – email:; tel: 01707 357000 / 01707 357484
  • The authorities are fairly prompt in dealing with reported issues but only when you report them.


Contact Message -

Date: Thu, 4 Aug 2011 16:26:31

Good day
Could you please send me more information on volunteering with FoM, eg. how to register, upcoming events volunteers required for, what type of work you need volunteers for, etc. I am quite keen on volunteering to help with upkeep of the park & surroundings.
Thank you

Could the sender kindly email us on There is no registration or joining fee . We are like minded folks who wants to make Moneyhole a better amenity for everyone.

There is a periodic  email circular about events and news. You are most welcome to help us with the Nature Trail repairs.

Roger, over and out


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The 25 March SOSC meeting on the residents petition for a security barrier was first the council, and the strangest, meeting some of us ever attended.

Not only were the  car ASB issues unsolved, they cast aspersions  on the victims claims and denigrated the FoM group, who supported their petition.

Background – Many residents complained of ASB at Moneyhole car park going back years. The police,  Cllr  Bennett and Cllr Trigg, our local ward councillors, attended most of these FoM meetings. Yet little was done. The  victims were blamed for not calling the police. When police are called no one is caught or prosecuted.  This does not encourage victims to call again. As a result FoM started a campaign last year to petition for a night time barrier (£12,000) which was suggested by the residents.

The SOSC committee met on 25 March but failed to deal with the underlying issue. They voted in the Council’s recommendation of temporary CCTVs to verify the victims claims. If proven the Council may put in humps next year! The humps do not solve all the car ASB and creates other issues.

Why do the years of ASB reported, and still being reported, not count? (See FoM ASB 06Mar10 minutes and ASB Incident Log.)

Meanwhile, whilst the authorities obfuscates, the victims continue to suffer.

The authorities  let the residents  down by :

  • Supporting  a 24/7 park users rights over the residents rights to sleep
  • Failing to acknowledge the ASB goes back 14 + years
  • Failing to represent the residents case properly
  • Failing residents in denying them their right to sleep or peaceful enjoyment of their homes
  • Failing to meet or consult residents affected
  • Dismissing their ASB problems as perceived
  • Dismissing the residents’ barrier proposal without proper investigation or consultation. (See SOSC report or FoM rebuttal )

Then again why should anyone be  surprised when Cllr Trigg  issued these recommendations a week before the meeting!

The SOSC can only vote one way as no real debate was allowed.

The victims seem to be totally ignored and their opinion means little to those who purportedly meant to represent and protect them as servants of the people, which is their job

Not local democracy’s finest hour.

Message received loud and clear.

Every resident should consider what action they can and wish take.