Free treasure Hunt 7 May – Herts Walking Festival


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There is a free Treasure Hunt on Saturday 7th May  2016 from 9am to 3pm through the woods in Moneyhole Park.

Start from Moneyhole Car Park, WGC AL7 2HQ

Under 18′s must be accompanied by an adult.

Free Treasure Hunt 07 May 2016

April 2016 Spring Newsletter


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April Newsletter 2016

April showers! Spring has arrived.

Bluebell Watch – Bluebells are now in bloom in Henry and Birchall Woods. It should peak in  a weeks time.  Enjoy.

Reports are coming in about bluebells display in Panshanger Park and Lamers Wood.

Nature Trail (NT) – FoM handed the footpath maintenance back to Finesse in Dec 2012. As no path maintenance was carried out, FoM secured 2 tranches of HCC Community funds for Phase 1 & 2 path repairs last year.

  • Phase 1 was completed in Oct 2015 for £2000 by a subcontractor engaged by Finesse.
  • Phase 2  Finesse Leisure carried out the repairs in this phase for £1500. Work was done on 16 March. Sadly the standard of the repair was poor. Finesse responded to the feedback and rectified the uneven lumpy surface on 7 April. Our thanks to Cllr Sara Johnson for the funding and to Finesse for the repairs.
  • Future repairs – Please email us photos of the footpaths that still require attention.
  • Volunteers – Following December 2015’s appeal, one kind volunteer responded. We need more. Can you spare a couple of hours to help spread the remaining wood chips?  Finesse is very short staff. Bring a friend or two.
  • FoM’s ultimate aim request is for an all weather path like KGV Playing Fields.
  • Email .

Departure – Emily Nicholls sadly has left as Moneyhole’s Finesse contact last month. She shall be missed. Our thanks and best wishes to her as Stanborough Park’s General Manager.

Andy Carr is her replacement contact for all Moneyhole issues. His email is

Park Maintenance - Neil Stevens is the current maintenance supervisor. Please contact Neil  ( ) on all maintenance issues around the park such as fallen trees, branches, broken benches or other park furniture. Please CC Andy Carr and FoM

Park Angels – As always our big thanks to all the unsung park angels who pick litter in the park & woods.

Dog & Litter Bins – A dog bin by the Pavilion was removed. BEWARE a small part of the metal pole is still above the ground. FoM is seeking it’s reinstatement. Do report any damaged or overflowing bins to Serco and Finesse for action. See emails at the end.

Branches & sticks – A reminder. Please do not leave these on the fields as these damage Finesse’s grass mower blades. This is a request from Finesse.

Friends of Panshanger Park (FoPP) .

Heritage Walks 2016

Walks led by members of the Friends will start at 2pm from Thieves Lane car park on the following Sundays:

24th April, 29th May, 26th June, 31st July, 28th August, 25th September & 30th October

The walks are 3½ miles (6km) long, taking in the Panshanger Oak ,and will last 2—2½ hours.

If you would like to join one of their walks please mail –


Friends of the Mimram – their aim is to protect and improve the River Mimram, one of the world’s 200 rare chalk streams. To volunteer, visit

Central Hertfordshire Green Corridor Group (CHGCG) – FoM attended the inaugural meeting on 08 February to promote the benefits of the vital east-west green corridor through Hertfordshire. This corridor borders Panshanger and Moneyhole Park. FoM fully supports the Green Corridor concept.

 PRESS RELEASE 25 January 2016

A new Central Hertfordshire Green Corridor Group (CHGCG) has been formed to promote the benefits of the vital east-west green corridor through Hertfordshire.

The Group will provide specialist focus and advice on Heritage, Ecology, Access, Development and Green Belt issues.

CHGGC is initially looking at the strategic green corridor north of the A414 between Stanborough and Hertford.

The Group’s focus is to:

  • Raise public awareness of the sustainable opportunities and benefits generated by a well-planned green corridor and its role in facilitating ecosystem services.
  • Ensure that wildlife has a wide enough corridor so that it can move freely through countryside, towns and villages as it adapts to climate change.
  • Promote and lobby for improvements to the green corridor within planning authorities and councils.
  • Engage with landowners and developers on an individual and landscape/corridor wide scale.
  • Respond to development proposals as appropriate.
  • Identify projects that collectively maintain and enhance the benefits of the green corridor.
  • Share specialist knowledge and improve communications.

CHGCG’s spokesman David Farmer said:

 “Our Group will add significantly to the debate on how the County should develop. We expect development but it must be carefully planned and located. Better engagement by planners and developers with the wider community and its wealth of knowledge is the best way to achieve acceptable and sustainable change. Care needs Central Hertfordshire Green Corridor Group Heritage – Ecology – Access – Development – Green Belt”

For more information contact – 75 Sylvandale, Welwyn Garden City AL7 2HT

Tarmac Birchall Garden Surburb – The second public roadshow was held on the 11 March.

The revised proposal still fails to fully address the infrastructure issues from transport, sewage, medical to leisure facilities for 2500 homes (5 – 6000 pop). The Northern (East Herts) proposal include gravel extraction very close to existing homes and Moneyhole Park. FoM have grave concerns that the scale of BGS can cause the ancient Henry & Birchall Woods to become sterile areas. The current proposal do not support a realistic Central Herts Green Corridor during and after the development.

Panshanger People (PP)- Visit  PP website for more update and information –  Their contact email –

Panshanger Community News – Email us if you have any local news or community events.

Park Photos – send us your park photos to share.


Follow us Twitter @moneyholepark                             Email –

FoM website administrator and organiser – Can you help to run the Community Newsletter and/or the website updates?

Ideas and volunteers are wanted.

Useful emails

Date: 16 April 2016

Spring 2015


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Bluebells – Time to enjoy the bluebells at its best this Spring in the next few days. New paths have appeared in both Birchall and Henry Woods  creating new circuits.

Nature Trail (NT) – FoM has secured £2000 from the Community Fund (CF) for emergency repairs to some damaged sections along Wyton NT. Weather permitting, work will start this month.

This is first CF grant that FoM had gained to improve the Nature Trail. FoM volunteers carried out all past foundation work, laying wood chipping and repairs. Thanks to Cllr Sara Johnson and her HCC Community Fund grant. Finesse needs more funding for repairs to the rest of the NT before winter.  Glad a little of our Council Tax is spent back here.

The original FoM request for an all weather  path like KGV Playing Fields is still our aim.  If you support FoM’s proposal, lobby your councillors and Finesse for more funding.

New noticeboard – We welcome community posters, notices or news. Lost and found messages can be posted too. The old damaged noticeboard will be removed by Finesse. Email us.

Coffee Morning Picnic Run – A new coffee morning picnic run by the WGC Coffee Club that is a facebook group for new people who have moved to WGC. They will be using the Moneyhole park for a social picnic. Contact them on FB if you wish to join.

Park Maintenance - Neil Stevens is the current maintenance supervisor. Please contact Neil  ( if there are maintenance issues around the park.

Friends of Panshanger Park (FoPP) -  180 people attended the Peoples Anniversary Walk on Tues 31st March.  Walking groups came from Hertford, Welwyn Garden City, Hertingfordbury and Birch Green.  Gary O’Leary, Chairman of Friends of Panshanger Park and Kate Ashbrook, General Secretary of the Open Spaces Society addressed the crowd, prior to a walk to see the Panshanger Great Oak and the Orangery, currently off limits to the public.

Read the article at FoPP on

FoPP Heritage Walks 2015

Why not join one of FoPP free heritage walks? Enjoy a pleasant stroll through this delightful Humphry Repton landscape and its history. Walks led by members of the Friends start at 2pm at Thieves Lane car park.

SUN 31st MAY & SUN 28th JUNE free heritage walks.

If you would like to join one of FPP walks please email –

Bericot Green  - Sadly the planning committee passed the application against local concerns. This was a sad decision as Panshanger ward has lost the last decent green amenity space for an over sized, out of character, building.  Due diligence was perfunctory. A great shame. Remember those who poorly served the community.

Friends of the Mimram -

Protect and improve the River Mimram, one of the world’s 200 rare chalk streams.

Friends of the Mimram – A fantastic, dedicated local group who has achieved so much to revive the Mimram, a local gem.

If you wish to volunteer for the Friends of the Mimram and visit.

Park Angels -  Thanks to the unsung park angels picking litter in Moneyhole park & woods. It has made such a difference to all Park users.

Panshanger People (PP)

PP is backing Gary O’Leary as an Independent candidate in the local elections on Thursday 07 May.

Have a visit before Thursday

At elections always judge the incumbents by their deeds and their past effectiveness. Gary is  one of PP committee members, who is standing to give local residents real voice.

Visit  PP website for more update and information –

Contact details – email (

Panshanger Community News – Email us if you have any local news or community events.

Dog Wardens – will be stepping up their patrols due to the rise in dog fouling by a small group of irresponsible owners on the fields and around the footpaths.

Friends of Moneyhole Park (FoM)

Follow us on Twitter @moneyholepark. Email us:

Community News


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Year of the Goat – Happy New Year to those celebrating Chinese New Year.

Hertfordshire Health Walks provide free, local, led, health-focused walking opportunities across Hertfordshire. The programme currently offers around 2500 walks per year, with 40,000 attendances and led by 260 trained, insured and experienced volunteer Walk Leaders. Walks are between 20 and 90 minutes, with various levels of difficulty.

Visit now to find out about the 56 walks we offer every week! It’s as simple as just turning up ( it saves them administration costs if you sign up online before attending your first Hertfordshire Health Walk).

Park Benches – the 3 damaged park benches in 2014 are now repaired. Do report damaged park furniture to Emily Nicholls. Her email is

Noticeboard – After more than a year, the damaged replacement is imminent. The funding was kindly provided by County Cllr Sara Johnson. If email us you have any posters, notices or community news.

Park Maintenance - Sadly John Bayliss, the maintenance supervisor has left. Please contact Emily if there are maintenance issues around the park until further notice.

Nature Trail – Winter has taken its toll and the Nature Trail has not been maintained  since FoM handed over the maintenance in 2012. FoM has suggested recently to Finesse and the Councillors that it’s time Moneyhole has an all weather concrete path similar to KGV Playing Fields. Watch this space. If you support FoM’s proposal, email your councillors asap.

Friends of Panshanger Park (FPP)

FPP negotiated successfully with Lafarge Tarmac for FPP to enter the public restricted western area of the park .  This  allows them to extended their walks to take in the famous ancient Panshanger Oak, the remains of the Orangery and Conservatory and the site of the house.  Their walks will now be three and a half to four miles and last 3 hours.  If you wish to join their walks do bring appropriate footwear, e.g. walking boots or wellingtons, water and a snack with you if desired.  Unfortunately as yet there are no toilet facilities at the Thieves Lane car park or around the park.

You can already walk from Moneyhole Park through Henry Woods into Panshanger Park along Butterfield Way to Birch Green, Cole Green Way and back to Moneyhole  Park.
This new access hopefully link the West to East Park walks. Great progress and work by FPP. We await more details from FPP.
If you would like to join one of FPP walks please email –

Bericot Green  - The planning application was resubmitted and consultation closed on 22 December 2014.

Friends of the Mimram - For the latest update on the good work of the Friends of the Mimram and how to volunteer, see their website.

Park Angels -  A big thank you to the unsung park angels quietly picking litter in Moneyhole park and woods.

Panshanger People (PP)- WHBC Local Plan 

The Council have now launched their latest consultation on housing in Welwyn Hatfield Borough and Panshanger is still designated as a preferred site.  The plans are virtually unchanged from last time, but once again, comments will need to be submitted; on the council’s consultation portal, on one of their forms or in a letter. .

There are still 700 homes and a traveller site without provisions for any new infrastructure like school, road, public transport, shopping or leisure facilities. Spreading the new housing demand across the whole borough is a fairer and more sensible way to share the burden.

The deadline is March 19th .   PP are having a public meeting on February 27th at 8.00pm in Panshanger Community Hall, Moors Walk.

Visit their website for more update and information –

Contact details – email ( or phone Jerry Larke on 01707 329923.

Panshanger Community News – Email us if you have any local news or community events.

Friends of Moneyhole Park (FoM)

Follow us on Twitter @moneyholepark. Email us:

Easter Monday Walk 21 April – Friends of Panshanger Park


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Friends of Panshanger Park will be offering two Family walks on Monday 21 April, at 10am and 2.30pm, both from the Thieves Lane car park. They will not last more than two hours. Participants should wear strong shoes, bring water or a drink and protection from the sun or rain depending on the weather on the day.

Proposal for 700 homes in Panshanger & public meeting


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Meeting flyer 18th January meeting

UPDATE: A residents meeting has now been arranged at Panshanger Church for next Friday, all are welcome. Download the above flyer in A4 form here, or a black and white small notice sheet here.

Tell your friends!


Many park users will be aware of the proposal to build 700 houses across the aerodrome site and beyond. This is part of the council’s Core Strategy update for Welwyn Hatfield.  Moneyhole park itself is safe from development but there are many other issues for Panshanger residents to consider. We have until the 31st January to give feedback to the council on these plans.  You can find all the information on the council website.

A collection of links and views on the issue can also be found here:

November 2012 – Nature Trail Repairs & Community Information


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Nature Trail Repairs Sat 10 Nov – CHANGE OF VENUE

Can you spare 2 hours this Sat 10 Nov from 10 am to 12 noon? We have a pile of wood chips to spread over a section of the footpath by the Park’s Wyton entrance,  midway on left of Moneyhole Park. Bring a friend, spade, rake or a barrow. Please dress for the weather. If it rains heavily, we shall cancel and rearrange. Kindly email if you can join us.

Four year old Westie needs new home

Can you give a loving home to a 4 year old Westie after Christmas? Owners emigrating. Please email if you can help.

Mimram Abstraction & Water Management Plan (from Friends of Mimram)

Affintiy Water wants your views for the next Water Plan as directed by Ofwat. Let them know of your concerns about the Mimram by 15th December. Consultation covers water metering, leaks, charges, abstraction and much more. See Friends of Mimram website for more details.

Neighbourhood Watch

Police issued a safety advice today after a series of incidents where people are being distracted in cars parks and their bank cards stolen.  Incidents reported were in Harpenden, Bishop Stortford, Berkhampstead, Letchworth, Broxbourne and Rickmansworth.

In the majority of cases the victim was approached by a man or a couple in a car park. They tell the victim they have dropped £10. The offender then helps the victim put the money in their purse, stealing their bank card at the same time. In some cases the offender(s) distract the victim with a map, whilst they steal their wallet or purse. Sadly the majority of the victims are elderly losing hundreds of pounds.

Bericot Green – WGC Dowsers

WGC dowsers carrried out a successful preliminary survey on the site this morning Mon 05 Nov when they heard about the HCC planning application. Some residents have seen and spoke to them. We shall keep you posted when they post tangible findings.

Allsop Auction

The 3 lots of Sylvan Way verges and tree belt were sold last week at auction. The valiant efforts of Loraine and affected residents resulted in a temporary Tree Preservation Order (TPO) being imposed prior to the auction. The campaign will go on to prevent development on such strips of  lands. Email or visit the forum . Such developments have ramifications for all in WGC & Hatfield not just Panshanger.

Neighbourhood Planning – Localism Act

Check out this link. Worth working together to have a say over development in the community.


Our grateful thanks goes to Mark & Linda May who spread wood chips along  Wyton path on two Saturdays last month by themselves.

Email:    Twitter: @moneyholepark

October 2012 Newsletter & Panshanger Community Information


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October is one of my favourite months. The nip in the air with the onset of glorious displays of red and golden leaves are a welcome change. Alas this year is slightly disappointing with a slower onset of autumnal splendour. I like crunching leaves underfoot, the changing treescape and the woodland scent. Please submit and share your photos of local floral and fauna or landscape.

Nature Trail repair 10am – 12 noon Sat 10 Nov 2012

Sat 13 Oct – A big thank you to Eugene for helping out last Saturday to spread woodchips on footpath along Stirling Way. Overhanging branches and bramble were cut back at some narrow sections.

Sat 10 Nov - Join us for the next one by Henry Woods & Brichall Woods junction. Meet at the woodchip pile by the mobile mast (right hand corner of the Park).  Bring a friend, rake, shovel or barrow to this free work out.  Please email to confirm your attendance

Acknowledgements – The following were funded by Cllr Sara Johnson from her HCC Locality Budget. We wish to thank Sara on behalf of the residents.

  • Sylvan Way Roundabouts -  Two roundabouts (Wellington Dr/Bericot Way & Tempfords/ Shackleton Way) resurfaced in recent months as reported previously.
  • New Dog Bin – A dog bin has been installed by  Bericot Way and Moors Walk roundabout.

Bericot Green Comments deadline – 01 Nov 2012

Please email or send your comments to the Planning Department on this massive development on Bericot /Sylvan Way junction. See FoM website on how to comment. Will kindly updated the website with a easy to follow article and links. Please cc your councillors, MP & when you comment. 

Sylvan Way Allsop Residential Auction 01 Nov 2012  lots 158, 159 & 160 Grass verges & strips of tree belt land

Three lots of Panshanger Sylvan Way grass verges and narrow strips of tree belt are offered for sale by Allsop on 01 November 2012 by auction for potential development. The freeholder is Taylor Wimpey UK Ltd.

Should development planning permission be granted for such narrow strips of tree belts and verges which are part of the Garden City concept?  We welcome residents’ views on the matter. There is a two week time window before the auction date.

 Panshanger 20 year Housing Plan Proposal – Airfield & surrounding amenity land

Two local plans documents for 7200+ dwellings submitted to planning came to light on WH forum  -
This is a 18 year plan to identify potential development sites. Consultation then formally starts 12 Nov 2012 till 18 January 2013. You can complete a questionnaire online at: Raise this with your councillors and keep us posted.

Forthcoming Events

Herts Police WGC Dog Watch Launch Sat Oct 20th 12pm to 3pm at KGV park WGC(Beehive Lane end) Bring your pet dogs to free fun dog show.
Police PSCO surgery – Wed 24th October  7pm to 9pm Barndicott Hall, Barndicott (off Watchlytes) Panshanger Welwyn Garden City
Talk to PSCO Christina about your local concerns and crime prevention advice. You also can book a free home crime prevention check and have your property/pedal cycles etc security mark at the surgery. Tea and coffee available, friends, children and pets welcome.
Contact PCSO Christina Cooper Police Community Support OfficerNeighbourhood Watch by  Email: or on 01707 354192
Dogs For DisabledChristmas Fair - Saturday 27th October10:30 – 3pm WGC Free Church.  Come and support a worthy cause. Stock up with reasonably priced Christmas presents, cards & decorations.
Councillors Surgery  - Sat 27 Oct 10 -10.45am @ Moneyhole Pavillion Committee Room. Come and raise your concerns with your councillors.Surgeries are held last Sat each month except December. Same time and place. See website for list of dates.

Lost & Found

  • A bank debit card was found on Friday in Henry Woods and was handed in to WGC Barclay Bank on Tues 16 Oct.
  • A house key with a fob is still unclaimed.

Park AngelsA big thank you to all kind folks who picks litter around the park and woods. It has made a big difference. Keep up the good work.


-Should FoM be renamed Panshanger Haldens Community Group or East WGC Residents Community Group to reflect the wider community content? Email comments, suggestions or if you want to be an founder member of the new group.

Follow us on Twitter – @moneyholepark. Email – Please forward to friends and neighbours. Contact us if you wish to added to the circulation list.

Autumn Newsletter and Panshanger Community Information


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Now that Autumn is upon us, it is a great time for the woodland walks and to spot the varieties of sprouting mushroom and fungi making their annual display.

Bericot Green Development – planning application for 75 bed care home and 10 disabled youths homes, 20 day care units and 4 independent elderly living units have been received on 25 Sep 2012 for half the site. There is a 21 day consulation period. It is basically unchanged except for the new Shackleton Way access. Apart from the large complex, impact on the neighbourhood, amenities, infrastructure, parking and traffic are of concern. View the application on or post your comments through  Please contact Tony Barring-Hill for more information or co-ordinated action on https:

Councillors Surgery resumes tomorrow - Sat 29 Sep 10 -10.45am @ Moneyhole Pavillion Committee Room. Come and raise your concerns with your councillors. Hopefully they have access to the pavillion on this occasion and henceforth. Surgeries are held last Sat each month except December. Same time and place.

Nature Trail Repairs – we have a couple of kind volunteers who emailed with offers of help. Two or more will make it viable to organise a Saturday morning 13 October from 10 – 12noon. Email us on

Panshanger Roundabout Advertisement Boards – The Council withdrew their applications to advertise on most of Panshanger roundabouts on 12 Sep after local objections.

Sylvan Way roundabouts – Two roundabouts (Wellington Dr/Bericot Way & Tempfords/ Shackleton Way) were resurfaced recently. After three years of reporting pot holes and cracking surfaces, Herts Highways finally resurfaced the two roundabouts instead of patching  just the specific holes reported. Persistence pays.

Dogs Olympics, Hatfield House 14 October – Royal Vet College is holding a Dog Olympics fun day with agility shows, best dog shows and many other events. Visit RVC website for opening times and for more information. Herts Neighbourhood Police will also there to sign up Dog Watch volunteers. Come and meet their new mascot Douglas.

Dog Watch – Be ears and eyes of the community. Welhat Neighbourhood Police is relaunching the Dog Watch scheme. Email

Nature Watch – Have the kites moved on?

Birchall Farm – A resident reports today that test pits were dug by Lafage next to Moneyhole Park. Can anyone else confirm this and their plans?

FoM website administrator and organiser – can you help to run the Community Newsletter and/or the website updates? Current incumbent will be standing down. Ideas and volunteers are wanted or the community website, twitter and circular will cease.

Send us your Panshanger and Moneyhole Park news for future inclusion.

Follow us Twitter @moneyholepark

Email –

Moneyhole Community Information


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The Panshanger Councillors Monthly Surgery  is resuming. Meeting every last Saturday of the month, except August and December.

This is your chance to meet our councillors and raise local issues that concern you, it’s also a great way to highlight to our councillors the local issues that you’d like them to focus on. From crime to grass cutting, it’s your call!

Where:   Moneyhole Pavillion committee room.

When:   10:00 – 10:45 am on the last Saturday of the month.


  • Saturday 28th July

  • Saturday 29th September

  • Saturday 27th October

  • Saturday 24th November


Bike Marking Herts Police is holding another free bike marking event at Moors Walk shops outside Panshanger Hardware on Saturday 11th August 14:45pm to 16:45pm

For more information contact PCSO Christina Cooper, Police Community Support Officer,Neighbourhood Watch
Email:  Tel: 01707 354192


Special Constable Hertfordshire Constabulary is seeking to recruit 150 Special Constables (Volunteer Police Officers) to its 400 strong team helping to keep the county even safer.

Please visit for information on being a Special where you will also be able to watch our short DVD, showing Specials in the line of their duties. Visit to apply.


Neighbourhood Watch: Free number plate security for drivers in St Albans area

Hertfordshire Constabulary has teamed up with a local garage to offer drivers StopLock number plate screws supplied and fitted free of charge.

The anti-theft StopLock number plate screws, which have been supplied by the police, make it very difficult for any would-be thieves to remove number plates. St Albans Recovery has kindly agreed to provide the fitting service free of charge between 23rd July and 4th August 2012.

The locks can be fitted in around ten minutes. Anyone interested should call the garage in advance on: 01727 834840 to arrange an appointment.


Friends of Moneyhole – striving for a cleaner, safer & inclusive park