Merry Christmas & December Roundup


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Moneyhole Park’s popularity increases year on year. We have seen a marked increased in folks from far and wide enjoying Moneyhole and the surrounding woods.

A brief roundup on Moneyhole

1 Nature Trail

FOM secured two lots of funding from the HCC  Locality fund to repair and improve the Nature Trail walk around Moneyhole. Phase 2 was completed in Spring including the muddy intersection at the allotments, Birchall Farm causeway and Moneyhole POW path entrance. This was finally made fit for all season use. Finesse and WHBC do not seem to have a budget for Moneyhole footpaths. FOM’s efforts by  its few kind and dedicated volunteers improved this path over the last 9 years. Please email your Panshanger and Haldens HCC & WHBC councillors for funding for Phase 3 and future repairs and cc us at

2 Dog and Litter Bins

Sadly several bins were vandalised during the year. The Wyton entrance dog bin was replaced 2 weeks back. Please report damaged bins and acts of vandalism to  WHBC or Finesse.

Finesse will be installing  another dog bin in the park. Hopefully this will benefit those dog owners who never use dog bins before.  We live in hope.

To request dog/litter bins for your street and neighbourhood, email Debbie Wattts – to be placed on the waiting list.  Unless you ask, WHBC do not as a rule, install these. Several bins installed in recent years in Panshanger and Moneyhole were requested by yours truly. Nothing happens unless you ask.

3 Panshanger Park

Great news! The long awaited Western route into Panshanger Park is finally opened. You can now access the whole of Panshanger Park from Moneyhole through Henry Woods. A victory for Friends of Panshanger Park and the many local WGC supporters.

Wear wellies and sensible walking boots as sections are muddy in winter. Please keep dogs on leads where sheep are grazing. There were two nasty attacks by uncontrolled dogs this year. Click on map to enlarge.

3 Park Angels

Once again, a big thank you to all you Park Angels who pick up litter and dog mess quietly and  regularly. Many park users are unaware that park wardens do not pick litter on the playing fields, footpaths and in the woods.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.











Management changes at Moneyhole


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There are proposed changes to the management of Moneyhole Park relating to Panshanger Football Club. The park and pavilion has been the home of PFC for many years they have a lease agreement with the council. Finesse of course manage the park.
This coming Monday the council will debate a change to this and likely approve a new arrangement with PFC where they manage the pavilion and possibly more of the park. The details of this, and what it may mean is unknown. The council’s statement about it is unclear and explains nothing about what the new agreement will allow. Will other groups be able to access the pavilion facilities if the club is not using it? Will the toilets opened up if there are events at Moneyhole?  Could charges be introduced?
The first line of the statement below implies that PFC will have occupation and use of the park as a whole, what are the implications of this for park users?
Nobody wants to curtail the great work that PFC does, it’s a great community asset, but others also use the park, and it’s funded/maintained by the council currently. If this asset is to be given over, in part or in whole, then residents should have the opportunity to know what’s being proposed and how it might affect them. Bearing in mind the costly mistakes made at KGV park not long ago it seems prudent to ask more questions about this plan, before the die is cast. If you are interested in hearing this matter debated on Monday evening please attend. Questions about it can be be asked but they must be submitted by 5pm on the 22nd April They can be sent by email to
The council meeting will held in the Mundells location:
25/04/2016 7:30pm    
Council    Cypress Room,Salvation House, 2 Sterling Court
Welwyn Garden City

Statement about the proposed change of management from WHBC:
WELWYN HATFIELD COUNCIL COUNCIL – 25 APRIL 2016 Recommendation from the Cabinet on 2 March 2016:- Grant of a Management Agreement to the Panshanger Football Club for Occupation and Use of the Moneyhole Lane Park The Cabinet considered the grant of a management agreement to enable the football club to manage the pavilion and its community activities and events on behalf of the Council. The Cabinet agreed that all payments and obligations due from the current lessee of the pavilion under the lease be written off in full at the point of termination of the lease to enable it to be formally surrendered back to the Council. Delegated authority was given to the Head of Policy and Culture, in consultation with the Executive Member, Policy and Culture, to complete negotiations with representatives of the Panshanger Football Club leading to the formation of a management agreement between the Club and the Council. An exception to the Council’s Contract Procedure Rules was approved to enable nominated representatives of the Panshanger Football Club to sign an agreement to manage the pavilion on behalf of the Council, rather than it being put to the market to determine if others were interested in managing it because whilst the lease was currently vested in the sole name of a lessee, the Club was in occupation of the pavilion and had used it as their operating base for almost thirty years. The Cabinet RECOMMENDS the Council to approve up to £43,000 in capital growth to carry out the necessary works to bring the pavilion up to a standard which fully complied with all legal requirements including the installation of a new boiler and water heating system for the pavilion and a new lighting system within the main hall. The Cabinet RECOMMENDS the Council to approve an additional £8,200 per annum in ongoing revenue growth to meet all ongoing repair and maintenance costs associated with keeping the pavilion in good operational order. The Cabinet RECOMMENDS the Council to approve revenue growth to cover the business rate of £12,571 per annum as the discretionary rate relief currently in place would be removed, the current building insurance premium of £839.52 per annum and an estimation of utilities costs of £3,000 per annum.

April 2016 Spring Newsletter


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April Newsletter 2016

April showers! Spring has arrived.

Bluebell Watch – Bluebells are now in bloom in Henry and Birchall Woods. It should peak in  a weeks time.  Enjoy.

Reports are coming in about bluebells display in Panshanger Park and Lamers Wood.

Nature Trail (NT) – FoM handed the footpath maintenance back to Finesse in Dec 2012. As no path maintenance was carried out, FoM secured 2 tranches of HCC Community funds for Phase 1 & 2 path repairs last year.

  • Phase 1 was completed in Oct 2015 for £2000 by a subcontractor engaged by Finesse.
  • Phase 2  Finesse Leisure carried out the repairs in this phase for £1500. Work was done on 16 March. Sadly the standard of the repair was poor. Finesse responded to the feedback and rectified the uneven lumpy surface on 7 April. Our thanks to Cllr Sara Johnson for the funding and to Finesse for the repairs.
  • Future repairs – Please email us photos of the footpaths that still require attention.
  • Volunteers – Following December 2015’s appeal, one kind volunteer responded. We need more. Can you spare a couple of hours to help spread the remaining wood chips?  Finesse is very short staff. Bring a friend or two.
  • FoM’s ultimate aim request is for an all weather path like KGV Playing Fields.
  • Email .

Departure – Emily Nicholls sadly has left as Moneyhole’s Finesse contact last month. She shall be missed. Our thanks and best wishes to her as Stanborough Park’s General Manager.

Andy Carr is her replacement contact for all Moneyhole issues. His email is

Park Maintenance - Neil Stevens is the current maintenance supervisor. Please contact Neil  ( ) on all maintenance issues around the park such as fallen trees, branches, broken benches or other park furniture. Please CC Andy Carr and FoM

Park Angels – As always our big thanks to all the unsung park angels who pick litter in the park & woods.

Dog & Litter Bins – A dog bin by the Pavilion was removed. BEWARE a small part of the metal pole is still above the ground. FoM is seeking it’s reinstatement. Do report any damaged or overflowing bins to Serco and Finesse for action. See emails at the end.

Branches & sticks – A reminder. Please do not leave these on the fields as these damage Finesse’s grass mower blades. This is a request from Finesse.

Friends of Panshanger Park (FoPP) .

Heritage Walks 2016

Walks led by members of the Friends will start at 2pm from Thieves Lane car park on the following Sundays:

24th April, 29th May, 26th June, 31st July, 28th August, 25th September & 30th October

The walks are 3½ miles (6km) long, taking in the Panshanger Oak ,and will last 2—2½ hours.

If you would like to join one of their walks please mail –


Friends of the Mimram – their aim is to protect and improve the River Mimram, one of the world’s 200 rare chalk streams. To volunteer, visit

Central Hertfordshire Green Corridor Group (CHGCG) – FoM attended the inaugural meeting on 08 February to promote the benefits of the vital east-west green corridor through Hertfordshire. This corridor borders Panshanger and Moneyhole Park. FoM fully supports the Green Corridor concept.

 PRESS RELEASE 25 January 2016

A new Central Hertfordshire Green Corridor Group (CHGCG) has been formed to promote the benefits of the vital east-west green corridor through Hertfordshire.

The Group will provide specialist focus and advice on Heritage, Ecology, Access, Development and Green Belt issues.

CHGGC is initially looking at the strategic green corridor north of the A414 between Stanborough and Hertford.

The Group’s focus is to:

  • Raise public awareness of the sustainable opportunities and benefits generated by a well-planned green corridor and its role in facilitating ecosystem services.
  • Ensure that wildlife has a wide enough corridor so that it can move freely through countryside, towns and villages as it adapts to climate change.
  • Promote and lobby for improvements to the green corridor within planning authorities and councils.
  • Engage with landowners and developers on an individual and landscape/corridor wide scale.
  • Respond to development proposals as appropriate.
  • Identify projects that collectively maintain and enhance the benefits of the green corridor.
  • Share specialist knowledge and improve communications.

CHGCG’s spokesman David Farmer said:

 “Our Group will add significantly to the debate on how the County should develop. We expect development but it must be carefully planned and located. Better engagement by planners and developers with the wider community and its wealth of knowledge is the best way to achieve acceptable and sustainable change. Care needs Central Hertfordshire Green Corridor Group Heritage – Ecology – Access – Development – Green Belt”

For more information contact – 75 Sylvandale, Welwyn Garden City AL7 2HT

Tarmac Birchall Garden Surburb – The second public roadshow was held on the 11 March.

The revised proposal still fails to fully address the infrastructure issues from transport, sewage, medical to leisure facilities for 2500 homes (5 – 6000 pop). The Northern (East Herts) proposal include gravel extraction very close to existing homes and Moneyhole Park. FoM have grave concerns that the scale of BGS can cause the ancient Henry & Birchall Woods to become sterile areas. The current proposal do not support a realistic Central Herts Green Corridor during and after the development.

Panshanger People (PP)- Visit  PP website for more update and information –  Their contact email –

Panshanger Community News – Email us if you have any local news or community events.

Park Photos – send us your park photos to share.


Follow us Twitter @moneyholepark                             Email –

FoM website administrator and organiser – Can you help to run the Community Newsletter and/or the website updates?

Ideas and volunteers are wanted.

Useful emails

Date: 16 April 2016

Community News


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Year of the Goat – Happy New Year to those celebrating Chinese New Year.

Hertfordshire Health Walks provide free, local, led, health-focused walking opportunities across Hertfordshire. The programme currently offers around 2500 walks per year, with 40,000 attendances and led by 260 trained, insured and experienced volunteer Walk Leaders. Walks are between 20 and 90 minutes, with various levels of difficulty.

Visit now to find out about the 56 walks we offer every week! It’s as simple as just turning up ( it saves them administration costs if you sign up online before attending your first Hertfordshire Health Walk).

Park Benches – the 3 damaged park benches in 2014 are now repaired. Do report damaged park furniture to Emily Nicholls. Her email is

Noticeboard – After more than a year, the damaged replacement is imminent. The funding was kindly provided by County Cllr Sara Johnson. If email us you have any posters, notices or community news.

Park Maintenance - Sadly John Bayliss, the maintenance supervisor has left. Please contact Emily if there are maintenance issues around the park until further notice.

Nature Trail – Winter has taken its toll and the Nature Trail has not been maintained  since FoM handed over the maintenance in 2012. FoM has suggested recently to Finesse and the Councillors that it’s time Moneyhole has an all weather concrete path similar to KGV Playing Fields. Watch this space. If you support FoM’s proposal, email your councillors asap.

Friends of Panshanger Park (FPP)

FPP negotiated successfully with Lafarge Tarmac for FPP to enter the public restricted western area of the park .  This  allows them to extended their walks to take in the famous ancient Panshanger Oak, the remains of the Orangery and Conservatory and the site of the house.  Their walks will now be three and a half to four miles and last 3 hours.  If you wish to join their walks do bring appropriate footwear, e.g. walking boots or wellingtons, water and a snack with you if desired.  Unfortunately as yet there are no toilet facilities at the Thieves Lane car park or around the park.

You can already walk from Moneyhole Park through Henry Woods into Panshanger Park along Butterfield Way to Birch Green, Cole Green Way and back to Moneyhole  Park.
This new access hopefully link the West to East Park walks. Great progress and work by FPP. We await more details from FPP.
If you would like to join one of FPP walks please email –

Bericot Green  - The planning application was resubmitted and consultation closed on 22 December 2014.

Friends of the Mimram - For the latest update on the good work of the Friends of the Mimram and how to volunteer, see their website.

Park Angels -  A big thank you to the unsung park angels quietly picking litter in Moneyhole park and woods.

Panshanger People (PP)- WHBC Local Plan 

The Council have now launched their latest consultation on housing in Welwyn Hatfield Borough and Panshanger is still designated as a preferred site.  The plans are virtually unchanged from last time, but once again, comments will need to be submitted; on the council’s consultation portal, on one of their forms or in a letter. .

There are still 700 homes and a traveller site without provisions for any new infrastructure like school, road, public transport, shopping or leisure facilities. Spreading the new housing demand across the whole borough is a fairer and more sensible way to share the burden.

The deadline is March 19th .   PP are having a public meeting on February 27th at 8.00pm in Panshanger Community Hall, Moors Walk.

Visit their website for more update and information –

Contact details – email ( or phone Jerry Larke on 01707 329923.

Panshanger Community News – Email us if you have any local news or community events.

Friends of Moneyhole Park (FoM)

Follow us on Twitter @moneyholepark. Email us:

Alert – Dog Illness Update


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Further to FoM circular on Saturday 24 Nov, the Police have thankfully found no evidence of malicious poisoning but will investigate if information comes to light.

The dogs who fell ill may having been suffering from Seasonal Cannine Illness (SCI). Please see the Animal Health Trust (AHT) website or call 01638 555399/751000 for dog owners affected.

The last alert was sent in good faith after a concerned walker, who spoke to the bereaved dog owner on Saturday, wished to forewarn others.

Our thanks to various agencies for their help on the matter and to those who kindly passed on information for dissemination.

Dogs’ welfare is our prime concern in this situation.

Our thoughts and sympathies with the family of the dog who died.

Alert Dog Poisoned in Moneyhole and woods


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This week 7 dogs were reported poisoned by food laced with anti freeze in Moneyhole Park, Nature Trail and woods (Henry & Birchall). One (Max) has sadly died. Condition of others are unknown.

Please keep your dogs on leads and muzzled till the culprit(s) are caught. Report if you see anyone planting food and bag all food found (bread, cheese etc).  Police non emergency number is 101 or 01707 354000.

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April Newsletter


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Happy Easter. Shame about the April showers but it is much needed.

Nature Trail (NT) repair 31 March

The core volunteers – the May family and yours truly kicked off this year’s first repair of the worn path.

Margot joined us and together we shifted 4 tonnes of wood chips. Mark, Linda, Margot and Erin deserved a big thank you for their effort. The trail footpath is holding up surprisingly well with this rain. Do go out and enjoy the mile long  walk.

Next NT repair will be on Sat 28 April  10am -12 noon weather permiting. Meet by Wyton Park entrance. Bring a rake, spade or barrow. Email us if you can help.

Nature Watch

Red Kites – Steven reported  a Red Kite flying quite low down over Chelverston Sat 7 Apr morning. A wonderful sight.

Sparrows – Where have the sparrows gone? A senior citizen in Tewin Village shop recently lamented no sparrows were seen in his garden for years. Is this your experience?

Tewin Village shop – a communty run shop. They stock the wonderful local Digswell sausages that are delivered every Thursday morning. Braughing sausages have changed hands and recipe.  Sadly the new recipe is a poor imitation and the shop stopped stocking it last year. Do visit and support both the village shop and Digswell butcher. They also sell local grown fruit, vegetables, home made cakes and free range eggs too. There is an outside tea room too.

Circular Walk – It is a great circular walk from Moneyhole Park to Tewin via Henry woods, Panshanger Aerodrome, follow signed footpath to B1000 and cross the Mimram Pooh Bridge. Up the slope and go through Lambs Dell Wood into Tewin pass the village shop towards the village green. Take a pit stop to sup at the Rose & crown before heading towards Archers Green. Pass Tewin Water Mill and then up the steep footpath to Panshanger Aerodrome and back into Bericot Way. There are two alternative routes back. The bluebells in Lambs Dell wood started to flower 9 days back. The wood anemones were in bloom too. Allow 1.5 -2 hours. Great views. Email for more directions.

Bluebells - Birchall Woods and an adjacent section of Henry Woods will be in flower in a week to two weeks time all being well. Should be a good show again this year if the rain continues. Keep us posted.

Queen Diamond Jublilee Big Picnic in the Park – Bank Holiday Monday 04 June. Dress up and celebrate this special event with your family and friends. A date for your diary. Do pass the message on.

Park Angels – The park and woods are cleaner thanks to the kind park users and residents.

Dog Mess – Sadly some irresponsible dog owners are still not clearing up after their pooches.

Follow us on Twitter @moneyholepark. Email:

Wintry Scenes


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The weeknd snowfall turned Moneyhole into a magical wintry place.

Eugene kindly submitted these photo’s taken on early Sunday morning. Enjoy.

(Click on the photo’s to enlarge them)

Sunday 5th of February (click to enlarge)

Sunday 5th of February

Moneyhole park play area

Moneyhole park play area

'In the bleak mid-winter...'

'In the bleak mid-winter...'

This snow has been on the ground for a full week now.

This snow has been on the ground for a full week now.

Please send us your photos to share.

January 2012 Newsletter


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Queen Diamond Jublilee Fete

A community wide event that everyone can join in. Together we can make this a great day to remember.

  • We need volunteers, stall holders, display teams and sponsors.
  • Do you have organisation skills?
  • Is there a community choir available to lift our spirits?

Proposed charity this year is Help for Heros or the British Legion.


Royal Veterinary College Blood Donor Programme

RVS is looking for potential cat donors. If you live within 15 minutes of the RVC and your healthy cat is between 1-7 years old, please call the blood donor line 01707 666 511 or email Dog donors are also welcome.

RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch Sat 28 & Sun 29 January

A fun event. Spare an hour to note the highest number of each bird species seen on the ground and submit findings on RSPB website. It can be in your garden, local park or any site. download a form from

Attacks on Guide Dogs

Attacks up from 3 a month to 7 a month.

It costs £28,000 to train a Guide Dog. Many are too traumatised to work after an attack.



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Joyous Yuletide greetings