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Sep 07

When local people are national news

It’s been interesting watching both the local print based media and the national broadsheets this week. The big news was of course the government’s cabinet re-shuffle, and our local MP, Grant Shapps, was in there amongst it. He now moves on from being housing and local government minister, to become the Conservative party chairman and …

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Aug 05

42 roundabouts to get advertising billboards – What do you think?

WHBC Statement about roundabout advertising

  It has come to this site’s attention that the WHBC appear to have a cunning plan, perhaps devised by Baldrick himself. It’s what Arthur Daley might have called ‘ a nice little earner’.   UPDATE: Click here to see all the WGC locations on Google Maps, click each location to go to the planning …

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Jul 29

An Olympic start

The queen drops in

                      It’s estimated that about twenty seven million people in the UK watched the Olympic opening ceremony last night. It was indeed a triumph, and most of the critics agree. It really was one of those rare moments when you realise that this country is …

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May 14

Our changing hospital provision

As most Welwyn Hatfield residents are aware our main hospital is currently being wound down with services transitioning mostly to the Lister in Stevenage. There is more background about this in the Hospitals and Health section of this site and on the new web site explaining the changes to services at the QE2 here. The …

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May 04

Welwyn Hatfield Election Results

Welwyn Hatfield election 2012

The results are in. The numbers can been in full on the council website here. It was good to see that two of the candidates who posted their views on this site were elected. Overall change: May 2nd May 3rd Welwyn Hatfield Borough Con 37 Lab 9 Lib Dem 2 Con 34 Lab 11 Lib …

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Apr 22

Call to election candidates

Welwyn Hatfield election turnout

It’s sometimes difficult to find out what your election candidates stand for, and what drives them. Most don’t have enough time to knock on every door, but by responding to a few simple questions recently sent to them, they can set their stall out on this page. Responses are presented as is, and in an …

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