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Dec 14

Save Hatfield Green Belt – first public meeting well attended!

Hatfield proposal

The first meeting of the Save Hatfield Green belt campaign, and particularly the area surrounding Hatfield Garden Village, was a big success on Wednesday night. Over 200 people turned up filling the school hall at Green Lanes school to capacity, and then some. The campaigners have moved quickly to form a committee and gets things …

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Sep 15

Roundabout advertising plan withdrawn

Withdrawal letter from Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council Planning

Letters have gone out this week to all those who objected to the plan to put advertising on 46 roundabouts across Welwyn Hatfield. Something of a success story for all those who stood up and opposed the idea, well done to all of you! There were just under 200 objections in total, 177 of them …

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Aug 24

‘Kiss-and-ride’ comes to Hatfield…

It seems Hatfield station is to get a Kiss-and-ride, according to a new planning application. You might imagine that  this is some saucy new taxi service, reminiscent of Carry on Cabby,  or perhaps something more seedy offered as a ‘personal service’ in the small ads of the Welwyn Hatfield Times. But fear not, it seems …

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Jul 08

Olympic torch relay passes through…

  Today was the big day, the day that the Olympic torch came through our area on its way to the London 2012 opening ceremony on the 27th of July, more about that here. The weather tried hard to disrupt things but our spirit won out. We expected rain and a cold wind…it’s mid summer …

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May 27

Hatfield Portas pilot bid unsuccessful

Hatfield Town Centre

Twelve towns have been selected for a share of the Mary Portas pilot fund aimed at  kick-starting high street regeneration. Sadly Hatfield was not among them. Hopefully it was nothing to do with the fact that Hatfield town centre does not have a High Street as such. This article in a local paper has more …

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May 20

South Hatfield Fete

Hatfield Fete and stalls

The South Hatfield Fete took place yesterday (Saturday 19th May). The rain held off and local people turned out in droves to support the event and have a good time. You can read more about the fete and it’s organisers here in the local paper. There was live music, tea and cakes and numerous activities …

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Apr 22

Call to election candidates

Welwyn Hatfield election turnout

It’s sometimes difficult to find out what your election candidates stand for, and what drives them. Most don’t have enough time to knock on every door, but by responding to a few simple questions recently sent to them, they can set their stall out on this page. Responses are presented as is, and in an …

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Apr 08

Major site reworking…

The old site has been put to bed, long live the new site. This site aims to be a new local resource that will promote local involvement in local matters. Participation, inclusiveness and transparency are recurring themes in our coalition government. They are being pushed down to the local authority level, but how well they …

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