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Planning applications are a hot topic in Welwyn Hatfield, with both the WGC Tesco, and the New Barnfield incinerator planning applications being to the fore over the last year. Recent changes to planning law and the localism act should mean that we local people have more say in planning, and planning should become less bureaucratic. The proof is in the pudding of course, there is a popular school of thought that says these changes will serve big business far more than they serve local people. The talk of allowing planning applications that are in favour of ‘sustainable development‘ is fine, except that there is no agreed definition of what sustainable development actually is!

Useful information:

A good summary pdf of the Localism Act from the government can be downloaded here: The Localism Act

The document describing the new planning framework can be downloaded here: National Planning Policy Framework

Specific planning issues will be featured elsewhere on this site.

Our council produces a weekly list of new planning applications every Friday.

Click here to see the current list.

Click here to see the previous applications that were decided this week.

A useful Q&A about planning applications can be found here.


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