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QE2 Hospital Welwyn Garden City

Healthcare provision and hospital services are issues of concern nationally, and of course locally in our borough. Health and Social care services are undergoing big reforms currently, how those reforms will impact Welwyn Hatfield residents is still very much an open question.

The quality of social care services is rarely out of the national news. The quality of some care, and the charges associated with paying for care services is a problem for many people around the country, and our borough is no exception.

There is a regulatory framework for all of the above areas which is designed to give local people a platform by which to feed back endorsements or concerns about the quality of services locally.

This part of the website will attempt to provide as many links as possible to health related information and data. Residents are encouraged to make use of these new online feedback opportunities, to make their views known to the relevant organisation if they are less than satisfied with any local service.

As the QE2 hospital begins to wind down and transition its services away to the Lister in Stevenage, in advance of its demolition, problems are surfacing. Not least being the distant location of the Lister;  the increased journey times and  logistical problems and transport costs of visiting patients at the far end of Stevenage. Not everybody drives a car and public transport provision is variable at best. This is very challenging for local people.

New QE2 Planning proposal


The planning application for our new scaled down hospital has just been published. You see all the details on the council’s planning portal HERE.

There are many documents and pictures contained in the proposal. However here is an an amalgam picture created by the author showing the existing buildings in grey, and the new hospital in red. You can clearly see that the new hospital will be vastly smaller in size, both in footprint and height.


QE2 Existing and new buildings

New hospital shown in red


Also, below is part of a sketch showing a not to scale impression of the new building, this was part of the submission documents:


Artists impression of the new QE2 Hospital in Welwyn Garden City

Artists impression of the new QE2


The public consultation on this planning application runs until 16th May 2012. You can comment online on the planning proposal by clicking here.

There is of course a long history to this application, national politics and government policy in recent years have influenced our future hospital provision in Welwyn Hatfield. There cannot be many residents who are in favour of such a downsizing of our local hospital, but this is what has been foisted upon us from above, unfortunately.



UPDATE: 15th December 2012.

The Welwyn & Hatfield Times has front page story this week on this subject. MP Grant Shapps has heard that the promised beds at the new, scaled down, hospital may have been shelved by the trust. As far as this resident was told 90 beds were supposed be a part of the new development. Now that is in doubt.

You can read the story here in the WHT.




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