Dec 28

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Our local food bank

It appears that there are several food banks currently operating in our area, mainly run by churches as a social enterprise serving the community. They are a response to the hard times many local people find themselves in as properly paid employment shrinks and food prices rise. The recent and pending changes to welfare benefits have also surely played a part in the rise of food banks in the UK. One of the biggest operators of the banks is the Trussell Trust. They now operate over 200 nationally and you can see below how the numbers of people using them has mushroomed in recent years:

Trussell Trust food banks (Welwyn Hatfield)


There is a lot more about the new phenomena of food banks on their website here. Or you can download an interesting pamphlet here.

Below is a very short film about how a food bank works:

The Trussell Trust food bank for Welwyn Hatfield is located in Howardsgate, Welwyn Garden City. Its location is poignant, being in the building of the former Job Centre and right beside the Prezzo restaurant. It is located inside and operated in conjunction with the Fountain of Life Christian church. The bank is open from 11:00am-2:00pm on Monday and Friday and access to the food is via a voucher which can be obtained through social services or care workers locally. There is also a local phone number: 01707 377443. This local went along recently to see it for himself and received a friendly welcome.

A few years ago it would have seemed improbable that a food bank would be needed in relatively prosperous Welwyn Hatfield, how times change. This development highlights the increasing inequality, and growing gap between rich and poor, both globally and locally here in Welwyn Hatfield. With the major changes to benefits entitlement yet to come in 2013 it seems that business at the food bank will be increasingly brisk for some time yet.

More Info:

The Trussell Trust

The Fountain of Life Church

Welwyn-Hatfield Food bank  – Donations shopping list.

Finally, if you know of any other food bank schemes operating locally this site is happy to feature them.

The map below shows the food bank location:

Welwyn Hatfield Food Bank
Welwyn Hatfield Food Bank 51.802128, -0.207724 The actual address is 15 Howardsgate, WGC.


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