Sep 07

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When local people are national news

It’s been interesting watching both the local print based media and the national broadsheets this week. The big news was of course the government’s cabinet re-shuffle, and our local MP, Grant Shapps, was in there amongst it. He now moves on from being housing and local government minister, to become the Conservative party chairman and a ‘minister without portfolio’. This role seems to involve popping up all over the media explaining and justifying the coalition’s latest ideas for kick-starting economic growth.

How the Portas Pilot scheme now moves from great media story, to a bricks and mortar reality is no longer Mr Shapps problem. Neither is the continuing deficit of new house building. A problem not unrelated to the ever rising number of homeless people in recent years.

Looking at how things have been reported this week in connection to our MP, who is, it has to be said, is an amiable and hard working chap, there is quite a contrasting picture emerging.

Here are a few of the links that can be found via a quick search on Google, they make interesting reading. Particularly the piece from the Welwyn & Hatfield Times which is notably different in tone and not very enquiring journalism. Anyhow, you be the judge…

Article from The Review.

Article from the Welwyn & Hatfield Times.

Article about the Portas Pilots in the Guardian.

Article about Mr Shapps’ family internet business’ in the Guardian.

Article about a possible breach of Google’s rules in the Telegraph.

This site wishes our MP the best of luck in his new role, and hopes of course that he will continue to find the time to deal with local issues as they arise across Welwyn Hatfield. Whatever else is said in the articles above, he has been accessible and communicative as our local MP since taking office.




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