Jul 08

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Olympic torch relay passes through…


Today was the big day, the day that the Olympic torch came through our area on its way to the London 2012 opening ceremony on the 27th of July, more about that here.

The weather tried hard to disrupt things but our spirit won out. We expected rain and a cold wind…it’s mid summer after all. Huge crowds turned out in both Welwyn Garden and Hatfield to see the torch relay motorcade on this leg of its 8,000 mile journey around Britain. In WGC it was hard to get a good vantage point above the crowds but it was still possible to witness the spectacle at close quarters. The procession was headed up by the fancy coaches of the Olympic corporate sponsors. Their mega-buses with music, dancing girls (and boys), arrived some minutes before the runners carrying the torch. Warm up men and circus performers also led the way. This spectator couldn’t bring himself to whoop and cheer the sponsors’ buses as we were all urged to do. I still can’t make the connection between the brown sugar water in the red tin with just under 9 teaspoons of sugar per can, and a sporty healthy lifestyle. Perhaps it’s just me?

Welwyn Garden town centre was packed, and the food festival went down very well. The lovely aromas of a dozen different cuisines wafted through the town and many a hearty appetite was satiated.

The big deluge came about half an hour after the torch relay had passed and only then did the crowds start to disperse. It was a good day, and well done to Oaklands College for putting on the food festival to capitalise on the visitors turning out for the torch relay, good thinking.

The Welwyn Times has some nice pictures here.Top marks to Heart Radio who have 64 pictures taken in Hatfield HERE, and 48 taken in WGC HERE.

If you have any good pictures from the day, particularly from Hatfield, email them in to ourwelwynhatfield@live.co.uk and they can be displayed on this page.

Below is a short video of the torch coming along Parkway in WGC, it was all quite exciting, as the cheers from the crowd testify. The torch bearer is Richard Sutton from Brookmans Park.


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