Jun 11

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We’re still officially in a drought!

Welwyn Hatfield hosepipe ban

Don't try this at home!

…so say Veolia our water company, you can read their explanation here.

It seems amazing that after what seems to be a couple of months of wet weather, today being no exception, and after the washed out jubilee celebrations, we are still officially in a drought with a hosepipe ban in Welwyn Hatfield. Luckily hosepipes are no longer needed as our gardens come to resemble a boggy swamp.

However, an environment agency spokesman recently said:

We have seen a huge improvement in water resources in just a few short months, putting us in a much more positive position for the summer. While the downpours in April were pretty miserable, they were really welcome as water companies were able to refill their reservoirs, river levels are mostly back to normal and many wildlife habitats that were suffering have recovered.


But apparently the ground water aquifers, the natural water source that Veolia taps into for most of our water, are not yet replenished. The ground water cycle is very very slow moving. Just how long could we remain officially in a drought while the rain pours?

Looking at the Environment Agency website there are today 33 separate flood warnings for the South East of England, see them here.

All of this indicates that water companies are not very good at managing their natural resources, or spreading the risk so that there is a plan B if aquifers cannot deliver. The government is promoting more collaboration between water companies to move supplies around using canals and rivers, but this seems to be a long way off. Until then we can don our raincoats and umbrellas and venture out into the terrible drought for a soaking!

It’s still a thousand pound fine if you use your hosepipe to wash the mud off your car!

You can download the current banning notice here.


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