May 04

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Welwyn Hatfield Election Results

The results are in. The numbers can been in full on the council website here.

It was good to see that two of the candidates who posted their views on this site were elected.

Overall change:

May 2nd May 3rd
Welwyn Hatfield Borough Con 37
Lab 9
Lib Dem 2
Con 34
Lab 11
Lib Dem 2
Independent 1

Which visually looks like:

So Conservatives lost 3, Labour gained 2, and significantly we gained our first independent councillor. Well done Sandra Kyriakides! A lone candidate winning out over experienced party election campaigners with their larger resources is no mean feat. Sandra’s win shows that local elections don’t have to be party politcal, any candidate pledging to fight for local people on clear and defined issues can win the day if they get their message across successfully.

Turnout across the borough was generally poor, about half that of 2010 overall. Here’s a breakdown, click to enlarge:

Election turnout Welwyn Hatfield


The numbers indicate that about 76,000 residents in our borough of 113,000 people (2009 pop estimate) did not vote at all.


The data shows that about twice as many registered voters turned out to vote in Handside ward as they did in Hatfield Villages. You have to wonder why that was? Apathy, a protest in the form of not voting at all?

The fact that in every ward far more people chose to stay at home than to vote at all, indicates that politics is failing to engage people. Councillors are supposed to be our mouthpiece at the table of local government, yet it seems that the majority have no preference about who they actually are. Past performances and pre-election pledges seem to do nothing to inspire most to take a view. An alternative interpretation might be that the party campaigning literature was largely generic. Particular party leaflets were mostly the same, with just a few changes for each candidate name in each ward. There was little individuality, except for in the case of our independent. Perhaps if election flyers talked more about genuine local matters, and made genuine local pledges, leaving out the inflated claims and party bluster, local people might be a bit more interested.

Finally, below are some interesting numbers for each ward. These are accurate estimates only. Some candidates, such as Stephen Boulton and Kieran Thorpe won by a very large margin.

Ward:                                                                                 Turnout:


Residents who did not vote:3989

Brookmans Park and Little Heath
Con % of vote 71.41
Labour % of vote 9.03
Votes cast 1672
Residents who did not vote: 4583
Labour % of vote 49.93
Con % of vote 34.99
Votes cast 1452
Residents who did not vote: 4850
Con % of vote 48.44
Labour % of vote 28.85
Votes cast 2333
Residents who did not vote: 5355
Hatfield Central
Labour % of vote 52.83
Con % of vote 31.55
Votes cast 1236
Residents who did not vote: 4974
Hatfield East
Con % of vote 47.24
Labour % of vote 30.92
Votes cast 1465
Residents who did not vote: 5059
Hatfield Villages
Con % of vote 48.96
Labour % of vote 27.44
Votes cast 911
Residents who did not vote: 4249
Hatfield South
Labour % of vote 60.29
Con % of vote 25.88
Votes cast 904
Residents who did not vote: 3989
Hatfield West
Labour % of vote 41.46
Con % of vote 39.85
Votes cast 1616
Residents who did not vote: 6285
Labour % of vote 53.51
Con % of vote 34.65
Votes cast 1267
Residents who did not vote: 5281
Labour % of vote 35.48
Con % of vote 33.63
Votes cast 1353
Residents who did not vote: 4504
Northaw and Cuffley
Con % of vote 76.00
Labour % of vote 9.88
Votes cast 1346
Residents who did not vote: 4310
Con % of vote 55.09
Labour % of vote 27.97
Votes cast 1287.00
Residents who did not vote: 5012
Peartree Ward
Lib Dem % of vote 36.69
Labour % of vote 36.30
Votes cast 1292
Residents who did not vote: 5330
Sherrards Ward
Con % of vote 47.96
Labour % of vote 32.97
Votes cast 1741
Residents who did not vote: 4449
Welwyn East
Con % of vote 68.67
Labour % of vote 16.81
Votes cast 1666
Residents who did not vote: 4798
Welwyn West
Independent % of vote 44.51
Con % of vote 40.61
Votes cast 1256
Residents who did not vote: 3297


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